Sagittarius New Moon & the Purging of the Priesthood

Podcast: The Sculptor’s Vision Is Taking Form

27 Sagittarius Sabian symbol "The sculptor's vision is taking form"Drop that bag of feces! We’ve got to get to a higher place. And the Great Central Sun is trying to clear out all our old baggage because we can’t get there while we’re still dragging around our old stories and ancient pain.

Plus, why Saturn’s entry into Capricorn is cause for optimism, more revelations forthcoming in USA celebrity and politician sex scandals, and more.

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About subjects discussed on the podcast:

World Events: Saturn in Capricorn

The world being what it has been, a lot of negative things have happened during the periods when Saturn has been in Capricorn. The early 1960s saw troop buildups in Vietnam and JFK urging Americans to build fall-out shelters amid widespread nuclear testing by the USA and the USSR. The late ’80s and early 90’s brought us the “War on Drugs.” But these periods brought many positive developments, especially in regards to correcting unjust laws targeting women and minorities.

January 1959 – December 1961

  • First female contraception pills legalized and sold in the USA and UK. Journalist Fred Kaplan: “This allowed not just a sexual revolution, but it allowed women to get jobs, to advance professionally.” (CBS News – Source)
  • Civil Rights Act signed into law by President Eisenhower
  • The Beatles’ first gig
  • Jimi Hendrix’ first gig
  • JFK elected president

November 1988 – January 1991

  • Opening of the Berlin Wall signals the end of the Cold War
  • David Dinkins is elected first African-American mayor of NYC
  • Douglas Wilder is elected first African-American governor (Va.)

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2 thoughts on “Sagittarius New Moon & the Purging of the Priesthood

  1. Fran says:

    This was so helpful, DK. Really powerful info at the perfect time. Thank You.
    Headed off to the Cosmic Community Feces Collection Center:)

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