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  1. Linda says:

    Your path so mirrors my own. When I “Gave up” things miraculously seemed to start happening. I soon after witnessing this wanted to have other parts of my life “happen” but without having to be at the end of my rope and emotionally burnt , I wondered how can I “give up” happily? All of my answers and questions led me to my inner state of fear that has lived with-in my body and mind as long as I can remember. Bit by bit, I have faced layers of my fearful self and addressed them with understanding and acknowledging their conception being far in my past – if not past life or lives. I have entered levels of comfort around others and happiness in general, that I have never ever felt before. My artwork has continued to sell more during this and I believe that I am freeing myself of a silent barrier to my success in this material world. I can really see that fear permeates all states of being and has to be addressed ( in me, at least) often and lovingly. Giving up…freedom…..are the same. You are on a sweet and protected path to ultimate clarity, love and freedom. Thank you for sharing yourself so openly. Your words are a gift to all of us traveling along side of you!

    • DK Brainard says:

      Oh Linda, that is so sweet. And beautiful. You’re welcome – and thank you for sharing. You just said it all in a single paragraph 🙂

      Many blessings, and I’m going to go check out your art now!

  2. tamara says:

    Hey DK
    I’d love to buy this for the January on sale price but when I click it, it’s 199.00. The rewrite your story recordings..


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