Unraveling the Dark Matrix: Venus, Saturn & the Galactic Center

galactic center

The Galactic Center. Photo by NASA.

A Stream of Source EnergY Piercing the Veil of Illusion

The astrological weather in the next few days promises unusual levels of chaos. Most of us aren’t cheered to hear that a line of storms could be marching over the horizon. But what if you were a prisoner waiting for the ideal moment to spring yourself from jail? You might welcome physical weather akin to the astrology of the coming days.

First, the astrology of the next three days:

The Astrological Energy Systems in Play: April 6-10

If you want the technical astro-details, jump down to here and then come back. If you’re cool with a summary, read on.

  • Saturn stationed retrograde yesterday (April 6) in the same degree as the Galactic Center – the Great Central Sun or Source of consciousness in our galaxy. Saturn will remain in this degree for the next month. Venus, currently retrograde but exalted in the sign of Pisces, is aligned in a very close square angle to both Saturn and the G.C. and will remain in this angle through April 23.
  • Mercury stations retrograde on the Chiron Point (4 Taurus) on Monday, April 9 – we are already feeling the effects this weekend.
  • Monday night’s Libra Full Moon (Tuesday, April 10 at 1:07 am EDT) features the Moon conjunct Jupiter opposite the Sun conjunct Uranus and Eris – all square Pluto in Capricorn.

The Great Central Sun

The Galactic Center operates in consciousness as a transmitter of truth, or pure awareness, untainted by the dark Matrix that has kept humans enslaved for thousands of years. I am going to subscribe to Laura Walker’s theory that Saturn (the Judge, rules, systems, restriction, old age, and death) is the home of the archons, the non-physical parasitic entities that created the dark matrix as a device for enslaving us and harvesting our energy.

(The archons/Parasite/whatever you feel least nauseous calling it/them feed off of human suffering, including physical pain and negative emotions such as despair, hopelessness, frustration, rage, etc. See this piece, especially the endnotes, for more background.)

Having Saturn placed in exact alignment with the G.C. for such an extended period of time can have two contrary effects.

Long Shadows

It can, for those who choose to remain in ignorance and darkness or who lack the energy to escape, magnify the power of the archontic illusion of hopelessness. Even those of us who are highly awakened in comparison to mass human consciousness may be blasted by waves of despair or existential doubt during this period. Our former parasitic slave masters know that this new era signals the end of their dominion and they are fighting with everything they have to maintain the illusion that they are in control.

alice popkorn on flickr

The Secret by AlicePopkorn on flickr.

It’s important to note that this illusion can only be maintained in humans who give their consent to the fraudulent contract signed between the archons and humanity thousands of years ago. Also important to note that the archons’ primary control mechanism – and the only real power they hold – consists of influencing us through thought forms, most of which operate on a subconscious level. These thoughts are almost omnipresent in the media now and are being re-broadcast by many of the people around us. Not just the obvious trolls, either. Many people who seem to care deeply about the world are unconsciously communicating fear in the guise of concern over the political situation, the environment, and the safety of women, minorities, immigrants, etc.

Ask your higher self right now to flag any thoughts/messages that contain or give rise to the energy of guilt, shame, fear, hopelessness, rage or futility. Regardless of the source, it’s time to recognize these poisonous thoughts for what they are.

The Light of Awareness

The positive polarity of this galactic alignment is immensely powerful! Saturn is being subjected to a continuous bombardment of accelerated, high-frequency, pure Source consciousness for the next month. The parasitic entities are the original (on this planet anyway) practitioners of black magic. They depend on darkness (lack of awareness) and they operate in the shadows. They are now bathing in a pure stream of the highest frequency light emanating directly from the Great Central Sun!

This is akin to taking a clan of vampires and dropping them on the French Riviera in July.

Enjoy your time at the beach, fellas.

What this means to us is the potential to make a quantum leap to a level of integration, wholeness, health and confidence that we have only dreamed of reaching in the past.

I’m not saying we will magically wake up three days or three weeks from now to a perfect reality in which all of our problems have magically vanished. What I am saying is that we have a uniquely powerful opportunity right now to unlearn a massive amount of the lies we’ve been fed and have repeated to ourselves in this and many past lifetimes.

Most of us (at least those who are still reading) know that we are slaves. We know that the ‘system of the world’ is designed to keep us in slavery so that our self-styled overlords can feed off of our energy. We realize that even the seeming best of us never really get free and that most of the people who seem to have it all are actually paying an unconscionably high price for their fleeting fame and fortune – as well as imposing a horrific cost on the people closest to them.

April’s astrology can enlighten us by showing us the extent of the fraud being perpetrated on humanity. We will be able to see the specific ways in which we and those we love have been entrapped in the dark matrix and defrauded of our freedom, health, energy and power.

Reclaiming Our True Identity

I’ve been telling you for a while that we entered a new world epoch in 2012/2015. And that the cardinal virtue of this new era is joy.

How can we align with this energy in order to get as free as possible?

  1. Pay attention – to the truth. So many aspects of the dark matrix are being flushed out into the light right now. Some of this – the pedophile rings, the systematic poisoning of our bodies, minds and spirits, the things we have done to our own children in the name of being good parents or good citizens, the price we’ve paid with our physical, mental and emotional health to be allowed to participate as ‘debtors’ in the fraudulent financial system – can be hard to look at initially. But the more you’re willing to acknowledge the price that you, your loved ones and your ancestors have paid to the slave masters, the less likely you are to slip back into unconscious acquiescence.
  2.  Question everything. What are you doing with your life? Why? Where is your energy going? Is this what you really wanted? What kind of benevolent God would ever want you to embrace fear, guilt, duty and shame and push away fun, joy, laughter, and pleasure? Does that even make sense?
  3. Reclaim your true identity as a part of Source. This means doing more of what brings you joy, even (especially) when you feel you can’t afford to do it.
  4. Call back your I AM self. When you feel stuck in a thought pattern or emotion that doesn’t feel right, ask yourself out loud: Who am I? Is this the real me? (Like young children, we have been heavily programmed to believe we are the cause of the painful emotions we feel, rather than seeing these feelings as the effect of being in the dark matrix.)
  5. Claim Grace. As I discussed in my recent podcast on the degree symbol for the 2017 solar-lunar year, we are being empowered to turn away from negative thoughts and feelings and turn toward the truth of who we are. This energy is so accessible now that we can often snap out of negative thought forms and the emotions they generate almost as fast as we remember that the energy is available.
  6. Connect with the others who are also waking up and throwing off our chains. We need each other now. In effect, we are proclaiming the truth while still surrounded by a mob of insane zombies who are subconsciously programmed to try to drag us back down into the insanity and darkness. We need each others’ support to stay up in the light where we belong.

The Astrology of the Venus-Saturn-Galactic Center Alignment

Saturn stationed retrograde today at 27 Sagittarius 48 (27 and three-quarters degrees of Sag). Saturn travels around the zodiac at an average speed of about two arc minutes   (1/30th of a degree) per day. All planets move more slowly than usual when they are about to station retrograde or return to direct motion. Effectively, Saturn will be standing still until Monday and will remain in the 28th degree of Sagittarius for an entire month – until May 7.

This is remarkable because the 28th degree of Sagittarius is the location of the Galactic Center (27 Sag 05) – the center of the Milky Way galaxy and the Great Central Sun of esoteric spiritual tradition. Among other things, the G.C. is home to a supermassive black hole that is 30 times the mass of our Sun and transmits high-energy gamma rays to Earth. A multinational team of scientists based in Namibia proposed in 2016 that this black hole is a “source accelerating Galactic cosmic rays to unprecedented energy.”

Venus, which has been retrograde since March 4, is currently about one degree from an exact square to the G.C. Venus stations direct on April 15 seven arc minutes away from an exact square to the G.C., meaning she will remain in this relationship to both Saturn and the G.C. from now through April 23.

Venus and Jupiter are in mutual reception until April 28, meaning each is currently traveling through the other one’s sign. Venus and Jupiter are considered to be the two most benevolent planets and – through the astrological chain of rulerships – they are now exerting a positive influence on all of the other planets.

Saturn is in Jupiter’s sign (Sagittarius). Mercury, stations retrograde in Taurus (Venus’ sign), conjunct the discovery degree of Chiron, the wounded healer. Chiron is in Pisces (Jupiter’s sign) and is conjunct Venus. <jump back>

9 thoughts on “Unraveling the Dark Matrix: Venus, Saturn & the Galactic Center

  1. JJ says:

    You are so right about being able to switch gears from Matrix to Joy in a second these days. What did it this morning was contemplating the Horror of those Vampires on the Riviera at noon!!! Hahaha!! Thanks for this DK, since Saturn is on my Sag. You’ve given me hope that something good or better can come of it! Cuz I’m not liking my slavery these days….

  2. Caroline Lemmond says:

    All of today, I have felt a heavy hopelessness tugging at my heart, mind and spirit– whispering “why bother?” …. The bright beauty of the brilliant sky and the neon green of new life was muted by the heavy insistence of an unknown, and unnamed blight on my soul.

    Thank you for the logistics.

  3. Sally Thorne says:

    Thanks, DK. That’s a great summing up. It takes all the reading I’ve been doing from various places, brings it all together and then takes it a good and logical step forward. And really encouraging too!

  4. John T says:

    Okay, but what truly troubles me is the theory of soul recycling. Even if some of us manage to live a great loving life away from the matrix how can we be sure that we really escaped and we will not come back here after physical death knowing nothing?

    • DK Brainard says:

      That’s a valid question. But can we really be sure of anything? I guess for me it comes down to a couple of things. First, I remember experiences from many past life times and through my work I’ve met many people from those lifetimes. Could we be hallucinating together? Sure, but reality is illusory anyway, right? So ultimately I think it comes down to a choice: Faced with massive uncertainty, what do I choose to believe?

      If I choose to believe that regardless of my choices and efforts to awaken, I’m trapped in some kind of hellish repeat cycle, that drains my energy and hope and my life becomes unfulfilling. If I choose to believe in what I feel in my heart and my guts, there’s the chance I’ll be bitterly disappointed to find out I was misled. But at least I’m living life with passion, purpose and joy. And making meaning out of the pain.

      And if we were totally recycled and lose all personal awareness, then it doesn’t really matter what I believed or did anyway. So I might as well enjoy this life as much as I can!

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