Live performance of planetary mantra to Mercury

Mercury Stations Direct Conjunct the Great Attractor – December 22, 2017

Watch me create a live performance of planetary mantra to Mercury starting at the moment he stations direct. Also, the down-low on how to work with the Trickster/messenger as he sweeps back over the Great Attractor and Galactic Center between now and Jan. 13. Plus Venus conjunct the Galactic Center and more.

Update 12/24/2017: If you’d like to listen to a higher-fidelity version of the song without the squeaks and pops in the video, I edited the original audio file in Ableton Live andĀ uploaded it to Sound Cloud. (If you enjoy it, please click on theLike buttonbutton!)

4 thoughts on “Live performance of planetary mantra to Mercury

  1. Fran says:

    The story you shared at the end about you and your son was so heart-opening for me. Don’t know why exactly, it just hit me in the right spot, in my own moment of fear and anxiety. Thank You:)

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