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I believe that freedom of speech is a divine right given by Creator that is unalienable and that its guarantee is essential for a healthy society. Since leaving Facebook and Instagram in 2020, I’ve been watching some of the emerging social media platforms. The only one I’m certain is truly committed to fighting for free speech is Gab. Connect: DK on

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My Substack is a newsletter where I write about society, art, and “the path with heart” that will lead us to reclaim our birthright of living in freedom, love, and beauty on this paradise planet. Sign up here:

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I’m doing my podcasting and most of my astrology posting at My beloved, Tatiana, and I started Cosmic Fire in late 2019 to inspire truth-seekers, creators, and visionaries to come together and create a better world.  We write the occasional newsletter and post lots of inspirational and useful content. Sign up here:

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