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If you’d just like my insights into the particular opportunities and challenges inherent in your chart and the astrological signature of the coming month, feel free to skip down to the Details section below.

Some advice on asking questions
When seeking answers to a question, it’s helpful to spend a little time tuning in to what you really want to know. I’ll always tell you what I see in the charts and in your energy field, but questions that are too vague have a way of returning vague answers. The more willing you are to ask a question you really want an answer to, the more you’re likely to get an answer you can use to make your life better.

Example: Questions such as “Will I get a new job?” or “Will I find true love?” are not only vague but also disempowering. The inference here is that the only way you’ll get a new job or find true love is if the Universal Good Luck Fairy should mysteriously pay you a visit.

Better questions would be:

“I have a cousin in Miami who said I could find work as a bartender there. I’m scared to leave Minnesota but I’m wondering if moving to Miami in September is a risk worth taking.”

“I just started a new relationship a year ago. He’s a great guy but I already feel like I’m not that attracted to him anymore. I’m wondering if I’m just scared of commitment or if I’m settling for friendship instead of real love. Should I stay or should I go?”


What I need from you:

1) Your birth data (if you’re a new client): time, date, city and state or province.

Example: 12:03 am, May 20, 1979, Spokane, Washington.

2) Your question or the period of time you want me to look at. You can choose any four-week period in the near future, such as:

  • May 15 – June 15;
  • The two weeks before and after my birthday (July 4); or
  • May/June eclipses and Mercury retrograde period (May 29 – June 22).

3) Whether you prefer an MP3 or written report.*

4) To ensure I see your request, please either text me or email me at dkbrainard (at) protonmail (dot) com to let me know you paid for a personal astrology report (and send me your question and birth data if I don’t already have it).

*To keep the price reasonable, I dictate the written reports. I will clean up any mis-translations but the written reports read like a transcription of me talking to you, which is what’s actually happening.

What you’ll get from me:

Once I’ve received your request, I will get your reading to you within three days’ time.

If I’m unable to complete the reading within three days, I’ll let you know when I can complete it or refund your money if you prefer.

Personalized Astrology Report

Price: $75