Personalized Astrology Report

Get a personalized astrology report for the coming month from DK

Here’s how it works: Send me your birth data and I’ll send you an MP3 audio or a PDF document describing the energies I see affecting you most over the next four weeks or so.* I’ll look at your natal chart, transits, and progressed chart and tune in light of the lunar cycle and any other transits that are hitting your chart.

You can also ask a specific question, such as “Should I try to move to Switzerland in June?” or “I just started a new relationship in December but things aren’t going so well – should I stay or should I go?”

In that case, I’ll focus more on the question than on pointing out key days that are likely to be positive or challenging.

Either way, I’ll spend about an hour looking at your chart and recording a mini-reading for the month ahead. I can either send you the reading as an MP3 audio or as a PDF document if you prefer reading to hearing.** It’s kinda like an in absentia reading for half the cost of an in-person reading.


To keep a realistic boundary around my time and keep the price reasonable, I’m going to dictate the written reports. I will clean up any mis-translations but the written reports read like a transcription of me talking to you, which is what’s actually happening.

1) You can choose any four-week period in the near future, such as:

  • May 15 – June 15;
  • The two weeks before and after my birthday (July 4); or
  • May/June eclipses and Mercury retrograde period (May 29 – June 22).

2) To ensure I see your request, please either text me or email me at dkbrainard (at) protonmail (dot) com to let me know you paid for a personal astrology report and send me your birth data.

Birth data: Time of day, month/day/year, and city/state of birth.

Example: 12:03 am, May 20, 1979, Spokane, Washington.

3) Once I’ve received your request, I will get your reading to you within three days’ time. If I’m unable to complete the reading within three days, I’ll let you know when I can complete it or refund your money if you prefer.

Personalized Astrology Report

Price: $75