Astrology of #Me Too: Black Moon Lilith & the Galactic Center

Sex, Lies and Story: Harvey Weinstein and the #MeToo Phenomenon

A black leopard under the full moon - symbol for the Oct. 19 Libra New Moon.

A black leopard under the full moon – symbol for the Oct. 19 Libra New Moon.

If you’ve heard me talking about Black Moon Lilith and have been wondering who she is and what she means, look no further. The amazing outpouring of women’s stories on social media following the news about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct paint an amazing portrait of Black Moon Lilith in conjunction with the Galactic Center. 

Black Moon Lilith & the Healing Power of Anger

Black Moon Lilith (BML) is the astrological archetype that symbolizes the healthy anger that is the appropriate response to abuse of women, and of the feminine principle in life.

When Black Moon Lilith activates a natal planet, especially by conjunction, she creates an intense internal pressure to recognize and express the anger we should have been able to feel and express at times when we were violated by others who were bigger, stronger, more powerful, or simply had the weight of authority on their side.

We all have a feminine side and a masculine side – and every child in our society suffers repeated violations of his or her boundaries – so BML is relevant to all of us, not just women. (The rape of the Earth for profit, or the genocide of Native Americans here in North America. are prime examples of how patriarchal dominator-style aggression affects people of all genders.)

When transiting Black Moon Lilith triggers an important point in our charts, she creates an intense, almost unbearable internal pressure. This psychic turmoil is designed to do two things:

  1. Force us to recognize and confront the feelings we stuffed into the unconscious because it was not safe to express them at the time the abuse occurred;
  2. Get mad and get healthy!

Lilith transits can be exceedingly uncomfortable – until we allow ourselves to feel the righteous anger we should have been able to feel in those moments when we our boundaries were violated and we were penetrated by another person’s energy.

Lilith teaches us that anger is a healthy emotion when used correctly. By forcing us to a point at which we can no longer suppress our anger, Lilith rejuvenates us. Anger is the emotion that enables us to set and maintain healthy boundaries, as Karla McLaren teaches us in The Language of Emotions.

Lilith connects us to the anger that we’ve been forced to hide – often from ourselves as well as from society. As that anger rises up within us we are empowered to create healthy boundaries and motivated to take action in the direction of our dreams. (Anger is tremendously energizing if handled consciously.)


Thursday, October 5 – Weinstein story breaks

The initial New York Times story alleging a repeated pattern of sexual assaults on actresses by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein broke on Thursday, October 5. This was the day of the Aries Full Moon, and also the date of the exact conjunction of Mars and Venus – an event that happens once every two years. How fascinating that this particular conjunction of the archetypal male and archetypal female happened in Virgo, the sign that wants to restore health and order to the world.

This was also the day when the ongoing trine between fellow freedom-engendering radicals Black Moon Lilith and Uranus entered the zone of maximum intensity – and when Uranus made an exact trine to the Galactic Center. (Read my post Unraveling the Dark Matrix: Venus, Saturn & the Galactic Center)  .

Uranus is the Enlightener, the archetype that shakes up the status quo in order to set us free. On Oct. 5, Lilith and Uranus moved to within one degree of an exact trine: Lilith moved to 26 Sagittarius 06 and Uranus, in retrograde motion, moved to 27 Aries 05.

The degree symbol for Lilith’s position on Oct. 5, from John Sandbach’s degree symbols:

Sagittarius 27.¹ In the night, a man uncovers himself to feel the cool air. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: Hahasiah (he-HA-see-Yah) No Guilt, Universal Medicine)

When we let go of fear we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and are then able to connect with a greater reality. […] This degree wants to explore the separations and differences between people as a means of promoting understanding. It is trying to overcome the human tendency to deny those parts of the self that one is afraid of and/or which one cannot find a way to integrate into one’s conscious being – trying to find out what it is hiding from itself. To do this requires the self-exposure inherent in the Omega Symbol.²

Wednesday, October 11 – Uranus/Black Moon Lilith exact trine

Uranus is now in 27 Aries and BML still in 27 Sagittarius. Sandbach’s degree symbol for 27 Aries, where Uranus will be at the Libra New Moon (and through Halloween):

Aries 27. Over a waterfall gleams a rainbow many thousands of years old.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A fun house.” The shocks and surprises inside the fun house can trigger the liberation of blocked energies, helping us to release fear and pent-up tension, leading, eventually to the clarity of the rainbow, which, when we realize it, we see is our timeless self that was ever-present behind all outer illusions.

Sunday, October 15 – Alyssa Milano tweet and social media explosion

alyssa milano #MeToo tweetAlyssa Milano tweets inviting people to reply ‘me too’.

Within 24 hours, according to this great New York Times piece, the ‘me too’ had appeared 12 million times on Facebook alone.

Uranus and Lilith are still within half a degree of exact trine. Lilith is now in 28 Sagittarius, where she will remain through the Libra New Moon. From John Sandbach:

Sagittarius 28. A man channeling new music from deceased composers. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Receptive

(Degree Angel: Imamiah (ee-MA-mee-Yah) Passion, Expiation of Errors)

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A witch’s ritual dagger.” The ritual dagger is a weapon whose purpose is to cut away negative thoughtswhich limit one in unnecessary ways. It may also be used to sever oppressive connections and clear the aura. When such ties are cut we are free to experience the open and limitless quality of the universe – that allows, for instance, the man of the Omega Symbol to channel the new music.

Thursday, October 19 – Libra New moon

Yesterday’s New Moon fell at 26 Libra 35  in almost exact opposition to Uranus at 26 Aries 31. This is an uncommonly close aspect to happen at a New Moon. Note also that:

  • The Sun and Moon in Libra are still within half a degree of an exact sextile (the ‘communicating’ aspect) to the Galactic Center;
  • Uranus in Aries is still half a degree from an exact trine to the Galactic Center;
  • Black Moon Lilith is still in the same degree as the Galactic Center.

We could interpret this as a sudden, shocking burst (Uranus) of anger, fierceness, boldness (Aries) informing the end of an old pattern of relationship (Libra) and the inception of new patterns (New Moon) based on Universal Truth (Galactic Center).

Libra 27. A painting that will not dry. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Sensitive

Nothing is set in stone here – everything can be changed. This degree is refreshingly open and can help others to make changes they may have never thought themselves capable of making.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A black leopard beneath a full moon.” This degree has an intense awareness of its own emotional needs, and is determined to get them fulfilled. This only becomes negative when the needs it is aware of are not the true, life-sustaining ones, but rather those that fulfill a dysfunctional agenda.

There is a great awareness here of selfishness, both one’s own as well as the selfishness of others. How much better to be aware of this than to deny or repress those impulses!

What Story Will We Write?

The cosmic timing of this outpouring of story is remarkable. Even if it appears that nothing changes as a result, we know that the world must change, simply because the stories are being told.

The unwritten rules of the collective story instruct women to keep quiet about rape, abuse, molestation and other sexual misconduct. Shamed into silence. Shame is the glue that keeps us stuck in the collective parasitical story of our unworthiness and powerlessness.

But shame loses its power when we are able to speak freely of the shaming event.

The fact that this many people are acknowledging the toxic shame they have internalized, either in the role of victim or in the role of perpetrator must, by cosmic law, create massive changes in society. Just because we don’t see them manifest tomorrow or next month doesn’t mean they haven’t already happened on the energetic level.

So, how else are we going to rewrite the story of the world in this powerful moment?


1 – Counting zodiac degrees brings up the difference between cardinal numbers (how many?) and ordinal numbers (which position in a list?). See this page for a quick, visual explanation of the difference.

Q: Lilith is at 26 degrees and 05 arc minutes, so why are you citing the symbol for 27 Sagittarius?

A: “27 Sagittarius” is shorthand for the ordinal number “27th degree of Sagittarius” which contains all values from 26 Sag 00 to 26 Sag 59.  Think of it in terms of birthdays: Your first birthday (when you “turn one”) is not actually your first birth-day. That would be the day you were born. Your first birthday is the first commemoration of your nativity, as well as the start of your second year of life.

So, when you are anywhere from one minute old to 364 days, 23 hours , and 59 minutes old, we say you are in the 1st year of life. Your second year of life would end at your second birthday, and so forth. Jump back

2 – All bold print added by me. The citations are excerpts from Sandbach’s full descriptions. Jump back


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