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Imagine: You answer the phone. We say hi. I invite you to enter sacred space with me. As I invoke the sacred directions, Mother Earth, Father Sky, the angels and other powers of good to guide us, you feel your body relaxing. You notice you’re breathing more easily and deeply. You become aware of your inner strength and grace; you sense a soft light of peace surrounding you, making you feel warm and safe and. Your mind is clear and easy. You see the questions or challenges that sometimes block up your flow as puzzles you are now curious to explore.

“DK provided me with a space to be completely me. The insights I received from my astro chart were fantastic, and validated many strange quirks I’ve experienced along the way are in fact the planets! I feel renewed, and on track, and inspired to get my life aligned with my soul’s desires. HIGHLY recommended!” – Caroline, London, England

In all of my natal chart readings – unless specifically asked otherwise – my focus is on helping you understand your purpose for incarnating in this lifetime. This includes helping you become aware of your gifts and of how you can enjoy them more. It also includes becoming aware of the challenges you agreed to take on; assessing how you’re doing at handling those challenges; and helping you understand what your chart says about the best way to overcome them.

In addition to working up your natal chart, I also look at your current transits and at your progressed planets and solar arc directions. While I may not specifically reference these charts in our reading, they provide more background information to help me understand what energies are most “up” for you right now, as well as the opportunities and challenges that might be coming your way in the near future.

What still fascinates me after doing this professionally since 2005 is how Spirit almost always leads us right to the current moment opportunity or issue that enables you to understand deeply what your soul’s purpose is in this lifetime.

After we ‘close the circle’ and end the reading, you’ll have a fresh perspective on who you are and where you’re going and a fresh belief in your ability to live the life you desire. Plus, in addition to your birth chart and natal chart report, you’ll get an MP3 recording of the reading by email. (I record every session because so many clients have told me that, even months or years after the reading, they are still finding additional layers of meaning in the recording.)

“DK! Huge thanks again! Today’s session with helped me realize which intuitive hits to focus on,  and actually to continue on much of the direction I was heading- instead of having no idea if Im even in the ballpark! Changes lives, right? Thanks again and cheers to the alien pattern  badasses following their call!” – Vikki, North Carolina, USA

About Me

DK Brainard Cafe Flora New Orleans astrology readings

Outside the Cafe Flora in New Orleans, where I posted my first “Astrology Readings” flyer.

I wrote a weekly horoscope column for seven years that was read in more than 20 countries around the globe and developed a passionate following. I also wrote a monthly column for The Edge magazine (Minneapolis). My astrology writing has been featured in other print and online publications and I’ve been a guest astrologer on both online and terrestrial radio shows.

I’m a well-educated empath. As a Saturn Alien Pattern person (one of the oldest continually reincarnating souls on Planet Earth) I bring a very broad experience to my reading with you.

I’ve practiced as a consulting astrologer since 2005 and I’ve spent years in intensive study of other spiritual disciplines including meditation, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, shamanic journeying, and sound healing.

Although I don’t write exclusively about astrology anymore, I do still teach aspiring astrologers in my online astrology classes. And it pretty much seeps into everything else I do anyway!

“What I get every time I work with DK: He SEES me, he LOVES me, he BELIEVES in me. By his complete authenticity he gives me permission to be a messy human being and simultaneously have great value for others. When I say DK believes in me, I mean: his belief in my ability to achieve my potential and realize my vision inspires me to believe in myself. Not just to want to believe, but to know.” – Lisa, Santa Barbara, CA

Get a Reading

You can schedule and pay using my online scheduler. Read more about options for readings and coaching/soul mastery work below the calendar.

Astrology Readings

New Client: Personal Evolution Astrology Reading

Includes: Your birth chart, 15-page natal chart report, and MP3 recording of the session. Note: If you’re familiar with your natal chart, we can focus more on current energies or upcoming transits, your progressed chart, etc. I’ll still prepare your natal chart with an eye for natal potentials that are being activated at the present time, as well as planets or patterns in the natal chart that must be mastered in this lifetime in order for you to live the life you want.

60-minute session – $175

90-minute session – $199

Returning Client: Astrology Reading or Coaching/Healing Session

Includes: MP3 recording of the session and relevant charts.

60-minute session – $150 

90-minute session – $175

Personalized Astrology Report

New! Get a recorded mini-reading around a specific question. For these readings, I do the same chart preparation that I do for in-person sessions, including working up your chart and looking at transits to your natal and progressed charts. It’s kinda like an in-absentia reading for half the cost of an in-person reading.

I usually spend about an hour tuning into your chart and transits and recording my reading of the situation, which I’ll send you as either an MP3 recording or a PDF transcript.

If you’d prefer to check in on how the astrology of the coming month is shaping up for you, I’ll give you a reading on the opportunities and challenges inherent in the transits for that period and your best days for taking action.

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