About D.K.

Short Self-Description

DK Brainard photo

Image by my daughter, June 2017.

As a practicing astrologer and healer, I use music, rhythm, myth, storytelling, humor and empathy to help people reclaim their inner authority and live their best life.

I was born with the gift of inner vision – even as a young child I knew that the suffering and anger and despair that haunts the lives of most people on this planet was artificial and unnecessary.

As an empath and abuse survivor, I struggled for many years with addictions and other symptoms of childhood trauma.

After a series of divine interventions in my late 20s, I devoted myself to mastering the art of astrology. I became a life-long meditator and studied various forms of healing, including hypnotherapy, Reiki, past life regression, and inner child work. With the help of my clients, I became adept at holding space for personal transformation and at guiding people to the places in their inner world where healing must occur in order to reclaim their sovereignty and personal power.

My specialities as an astrologer include helping people understand and own their soul’s purpose in this incarnation, and teaching people with alien pattern configurations in their natal chart to work productively with those energies.

I’m also a musician and producer. I’m currently in the final stages of mixing a new sound healing album to be released in November 2021. Called Auric Fields, this record combines brainwave entrainment with solfeggio frequencies, voice, nature sounds and generative music elements to create a deeply healing space in which to rejuvenate one’s aura and heal the body, mind and spirit.


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