About D.K.

Short Self-Description

DK Brainard photo

Image by my daughter, June 2017.

I use music, rhythm, myth, storytelling, humor and empathy to help people reclaim their inner authority and rewrite their life story. I’m also a father to two awesome young humans. I love birds. And lakes. Oh, and trees – I love trees.


He used to be somewhat famous as an astrologer. He still does private astrology consultations and he teaches online astrology classes that people tend to really enjoy.

DK doesn’t watch many movies but he listens to a lot of music. He has written dozens of songs and released three albums with another three or four albums nearing completion.

He likes taking pictures on his phone and drawing with colored pencils and jamming out improvisational songs with kids.


Ahhh..c’mon, man! That’s enough, right? Just poke around the site, watch some videos, listen to some music, read some blog posts…and don’t forget to do something you love today. Even if it’s only for five minutes.