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“They should turn you into a vaccine, DK! I would get the jab for sure.”  Nastasia T., Los Angeles

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My sacred intention: Reconnect you to your inner resources, thereby empowering you to follow your dream and live your life’s purpose.

My experience: 20 years of intensive spiritual exploration and study, including: meditation and mindfulness, hypnotherapy and trance states, sound healing, indigenous wisdom traditions and plant medicines, Western herbalism, astrology, and archetypal/shadow work. I’ve been fortunate to learn directly from Native American medicine men and women and transformational psychologists such as Stephen Gilligan and Stanislov Grof.

Over the last 15 years I’ve worked primarily as a consulting astrologer, working with hundreds of clients from around the world. For the last nine years I’ve been developing and evolving my own unique framework of soul retrieval or reintegration of the Self. This is a very fluid and adaptive system that grew out of a vision I was given after nine days of solitude and medicine journeys in Peru.

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My belief: Is that your desire to change – whether by creating or attracting something new or by letting go of something old – is an expression of your immortal soul. I also believe that you already contain within you the power and the resources needed to manifest what you truly desire. I believe that by tapping in to those inner resources and by letting go of old trauma and pent-up emotional debris, you will be able to achieve your destiny as a soul in this lifetime. I believe your destiny includes living in joy, regardless of the circumstances in your life at any given moment.

A typical session: Starts with an invocation to the Divine to ground us and guide us. I am committed to your safety as well as to your growth so each session will start with setting up sacred space. We may review your intentions and choose an area to work on in the current session. Often, clients will sit in sacred space for a minute or two, enjoying the feeling of coming home to the Self as we both listen for a clear expression of their heart’s desire to come forth.

the quest for the true selfDuring a typical ‘deep transformation’ session, we may regress you to childhood or to a past life in order to heal an unconscious wound pattern that has been sabotaging your progress. We may take a shamanic journey together to find the wise woman or man in your soul or ancestral lineage who can guide you past obstacles and into your flow. You’ll walk away from each session with new awareness of your own inner beauty and potential. I will typically also suggest practices you can incorporate into your week to help you ground this awareness into your daily life.

Feel free to contact me with questions or to set up a short call to see whether we are a good fit for one another.

Coaching Packages for Current Clients

I like to do deeper soul work in the context of multiple sessions. Our shared commitment creates a powerful intentional field in which we can work safely to create radical transformation. If you want to start with a single session, please book your session here.

Includes: Coaching sessions (up to 90 minutes each), MP3 recordings of all sessions + email support.

Session length: 60-90 minutes

Current Client – 6 Sessions$750 

Payment plans are available. Please contact me for more information.

Current Client – 4 Sessions$600

Payment plans are available. Please contact me for more information.

New Client: Soul Mission Reading + 3-Session Coaching Package

Includes: Your chart offers a clear blueprint of what you’re meant to achieve in this life, so if you’ve never had a reading with me before, we’ll start with a one-hour personal evolution astrology reading to identify your evolutionary goals, gifts and core challenges. Then three coaching sessions (up to 90 minutes each). Includes MP3 recordings of all sessions + email support.

Session length: 60-90 minutes

Price: $699 $599 

Personal Mastery Coaching Program

This is an intensive 12-session coaching program only for people who are serious about doing the inner work required to heal trauma, clear parasitic ego and mental patterns, and reclaim their inner authority and agency. See this write-up for more about the program; here are some of the tools you’ll develop and the processes we’ll do together:

  • Develop your own personal pathways for connecting with your Essence Self.
  • Create and anchor vibrant images and body feelings of what it looks and feels like when you are living your purpose with courage and joy.
  • Discover the limiting personal, family, and past life stories that have forced you to play small and stay stuck in negative behaviors and situations.
  • Develop a strong, nurturing relationship to your inner child as a primary pathway for healing old emotional wounds and practicing soul retrieval.
  • Develop a strong grounding and centering practice that enables you to quickly recognize when your boundaries have been breached or you’ve been slimed by energy vampires.
  • Learn to recognize the signs that a wounded inner child has taken over your center as a cry for help so you can stay in your spiritual, adult, resourced self more often.
  • Strengthen your belief in your goals and develop a mindset of success.

The 12 sessions can be done weekly or biweekly. The cost is $1400. Sessions run from 60-90 minutes. All sessions recorded and emailed to you as MP3 files. Payment plans are available.

I have six positions open starting January 2022. These are available by application only. Please contact me for more information.

Feedback from Clients

DK Brainard“Wow, wow and wow.  Totally amazing session, again, that totally blew my mind!!!  Thank you so much!  I can’t get over the alter-ego connection that you helped me see… that was massively HUGE for some reason and really helped me get a major piece of the puzzle.  Wow.  I just wanted to say, in case you aren’t sure, you are really, really good at what you do.  Don’t forget that!” – S.F. in NYC

“I recently hired DK for a 6-week coaching program as I was preparing to launch an online program. He was critical in helping me meet my deadlines, providing gentle but focused accountability. His unique skills in astrology, running his own business, technical experience with things such as video, conference calls, and audio recordings – as well as his empathy and skills as a channel – make him the perfect coach for me. I’ve hired him routinely over the past five years; he is consistently one of the best investments I make in both myself and my business. He’s down to earth, no bullshit and funny to boot. Highest recommendation.” – Julie Apolinario,

“Working with DK is like opening a present. It is something for you and what’s inside is a nice surprise. Every time I have a session with DK, I start with a goal or intention for the session.  In the end, I learn something new or unexpected.” – Caytie, Minneapolis

“DK has been such a funny, intuitive, easy guy to work with as a coach/astrologer. Recently I signed up for a 3-session package with no clear agenda in mind other than to feel better; as the latest swirl of circumstance, energy and astrology had me feeling like crap. The co-creative flow with DK was just the right space for me to get a bit more clarity on what was going on internally as well as good info on how the current astrological climate played into the whole picture. It was gratifying to feel seen and heard. Thanks so much!” – CJ in South Dakota

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