What’s Your New Job Title?

Recognizing How Much You’ve Evolved

Spider is the storyteller. Spider reminds us that the stories we tell weave the webs of reality. Photo by DK.

The Moon in Leo – where the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse happened – makes a conjunction with the North Node in Leo and a trine to Saturn in Sagittarius this afternoon. This activates three of the major energies involved in the solar eclipse. Which, just in case you hadn’t noticed, unleashed a powerful wave of change across North America and around the world.

Today’s aspects are a positive setup for remembering your own inner divinity – and for understanding more about why that awareness is so important right now: for you personally, and for all of us collectively.

My friend and colleague Mary Gilbert trekked up to Oregon with some of her krewe to experience the eclipse at totality and do ritual for the healing of Mother Earth. A week later, Mary sent me notes from the ritual.

“I was deeply moved by the event, the building up, the actual moment of totality which was the most powerful energy I have ever felt, and the sweetness of the coming down to earth,” she wrote. She also sent me a meditation channeled by her group – which is still so relevant today. You can check that out by clicking on the picture:

After reading the document, I wrote this in response: “I feel the accelerated evolutionary vibe of this eclipse in every cell. The realization “after all these years” (ha! Such the blink of an eye for us alien pattern peeps but you know – ) that what I’ve always longed to do is what I came here to do! That it’s not a bunch of disparate activities that must somehow be wrassled together but just the unique flavor of my soul in this incarnation.”

Starting not long before the August eclipses and continuing afterwards, I also had the opportunity to make a connection with a healer who – like my other people living in the area around the Santa Rosa wildfires – has been very much on my mind and in my prayers this week.

That story is too long to tell today, but upon meeting one another she and I began to remember two monk lifetimes we shared together (one in Italy, the other further north on the Continent). She helped me enormously in weaving together strands of Self that had seemed destined to remain separate and incompatible throughout this lifetime. This is a project I’ve been working on for many, many years – how to reconcile the Monk, the Bard, the Gypsy, the Native American Loner, the Joker, and the Scribe.

I believe one of the main things those of us on the evolutionary leading edge are here to do in this lifetime is to realize our dreams. Not ‘dream’ singular, but manifesting a life that enables us to be all of who we are.

The current social framework is not compatible with this mission. We are trained to focus on what area of competence and define ourselves publicly as that. (I’m a teacher; I’m a doctor; I’m a nurse; I’m a stay-at-home mom, etc.)

That’s why we need to rewrite the story of the world. Because I’m a musician and a writer and an astrologer and a soul healer and a father and a visionary and a goofball and an inveterate mistake-maker and many other things. And that’s my job! That’s who I want to be when I grow up.

Legitimizing ‘being’ as opposed to doing – or doing what brings us joy as opposed to doing what we are ‘supposed to’ – do you realize how huge this is?

And we can’t do this alone. We need others to witness us as all of who we are in order to reclaim our inner authority (Saturn), which as I’ve been writing about this year entails our ability to author our own lives.

The more we band together like a favorite old shirt (in the loosest, most comfortable, softest, most unrestrictive ways) and do this work of authentically seeing and being seen, the more the world must transform to reflect our evolution and growth.

And the more empowered we each feel to be who we are and do what we do, regardless of what those old, worn-out voices from the past keep murmuring.

How is your story evolving?

P.S. This is one of the great gifts of astrology: your chart clearly reveals those aspects of your soul you came here to emphasize. And it shows the false storylines you need to throw away. Between now and Monday you can still sign up for a full hour or half-hour reading at the October special prices: $149/$75 for new clients, $100/$50 for returning clients.

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