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Manifestation & Visualization

Some people call it manifesting; others call it Law of Attraction. The creative unconscious mind is the most powerful place from which to create a vision of the life you want and attract it into being.

Theta Fishing Trip

Take an elevator to a beautiful space.

Drop your intention into the silent, peaceful waters of your generative unconscious mind. Drift into a blissful theta dream state perfect for attracting your desires. (46 minutes – 67 MB)

Price: $7

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Dolphins of Sirius B

Activate DNA expressions of love, beauty and creativity while at the Schumann Resonance brainwave level. 

Featuring binaural beats centered on the Venus frequency (221.23 Hz), this is an original composition channeled from my soul family (pod) in the Sirius star system.

Price: $7

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Quantum Leap Manifesting Pack

Includes Theta Fishing Trip (46 mins) and Dolphins of Sirius B (45 mins) plus bonus program.

The Quantum Leap is a dual hypnotic induction designed to bypass ego defenses and embed the formula of creation deep into your subconscious mind. (23 minutes – 23 MB)

Price: $14

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Grounding & Centering

This is one of the most important life skills for empaths, highly sensitive people, psychics, and anyone with a background of abuse or trauma. I’m making these available as individual MP3 downloads on a “name your price” basis. Or you can download all three meditations for $10.

Grounding & Centering – Guided Visualization
DK leads you on a hypnotic journey to find your center of being and connect your energy field into the heart of Mother Earth. (MP3 – 12:30)

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Grounding & Centering – Body Awareness
Develop your innate ability to ground yourself and find your center at any time, in any place. Very good MP3 for people who don’t visualize easily.  (MP3 – 9:52)

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Grounding & Centering – Quickie Meditation
Some days are harder than others when it comes to grounding and centering. Have no fear! DK is here to help you get back into your center and reconnect with the Earth – in 6 minutes or less. (MP3 – 6:01)

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Grounding & Centering –
All 3 Meditations
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