Sale Ends Monday: October Astrology Reading Special

The Time Is Right for Insight

Astrologer DK Brainard - Navigating by the stars since 2004.

Navigating by the stars since 2004.

If you’ve been reading my recent posts, you know I’m really tuned in to how the world is evolving since the Leo total solar eclipse in August.

Beneath the collective angst, fear and rage on the planet, a powerful current of evolution is surging – making it more important than ever for those of us on the evolutionary leading edge to reclaim our authority and activate the life we’ve always known we were meant to live.

Especially with Jupiter now in Scorpio for the coming 13 months, this is a time when life-changing insights are available. And a time when what the world needs most is for you to act on those insights and live as your authentic self.

One of my gifts is seeing all of who you are and unlocking the permission you need in order to live your life in the most joyful, authentic way possible.

The October sale has ended. Learn more about my astrology readings here or my coaching and soul retrieval/soul healing sessions here.

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