I Say Yes

painted fire hydrant woods

In case of emergency, release the flow.

Yes, I am feeling the waves of pain and fear and distress. And yes, I am also feeling the Muse or Mother Earth or Great Spirit or my eternal soul and essence or all of the above welling within me as a great resolve.

I long to be of service; I feel how much the world needs me (us). The world asks me if I will step up right now — when the chips are down and we appear to be drastically outnumbered and completely surrounded — and boldly claim that it is our destiny to win. And that we are in fact winning even now, because we have made a firm decision to band together and rewrite the story of our lives, which is the story of the world.

Because we are finally harnessing our native powers of will and desire and intent and imagination and we are using them to rewrite reality. With art and community and pleasure and love — enjoying ourselves as it was meant to be in the beginning and as it must be in the end.

And I say, yes, I will. For the healing of Mother Earth and all her children.

Angels stand round my spirit. And round yours.

8 thoughts on “I Say Yes

    • DK Brainard says:

      Teresa! Thank you. I just want to love the world back into health and wholeness. And of course that means learning how to love myself back into health and wholeness. Hey…what if we did that together? Oh, wait…we are! Wow. Thanks for reminding me. xxoo

  1. jj says:

    YES!!! I am saying yes today and holding up my desire for love and Earth and hummingbirds and fat bumblebees because THIS is what will keep us sane and in beauty and peace. Thanks again, DK, for saying out loud what I’ve been thinking here by myself. Makes it much more powerful!

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