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Beyond the Ego – This Is No Time for Playing Small

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why it’s important for those of us who are on the leading edge of human social evolution to claim our greatness. I think so many of us who are healers and artists have been outcasts from mainstream society for so long that we’ve developed some bad habits.

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Even as kids, many of us sensed that the others didn’t quite understand us. We often faced outright rejection and abuse from parents, peers, and partners because of our unwillingness (or inability) to be like the others – to be who we were supposed to be.

“When are you going to stop (playing your guitar, drawing, writing stories, doing yoga, talking about that woo-woo shit)?” They’d ask, in a tone that made sure you knew that your passion was not only not going to make you enough money to live, but was also inherently shameful and embarrassing.

“Why do you have to be so weird?”

Covering up our gifts was something we had to do in order to survive, to make it through. But we don’t have to do that anymore. The tides are turning and the times are a changin’. I posted this fascinating article on my Facebook page last week about the seeming inevitability that human society is moving from an economy of scarcity toward an economy of abundance. In an economy of abundance, the key social value is no longer hoarding scarce resources to achieve security and status. It’s “the freedom to live life as art”.

“An economy of abundance seeks to dismantle or reform these scarcity-generating institutions in such a way as to affirm our freedom to live life as art (self-expression to others), social equity (so that everyone can live life as art), and sustainability (so that all life can thrive into the future).”
– Wolfgang Hoeschele

We are the souls who came to Earth at this time in history to model what that looks like and to experiment with new ways of organizing ourselves within society so that we can live as our authentic selves and be supported and sustained within new forms of community.

We’ve Got to Stop Believing Those Bummer Stories

But so many stories, masquerading as wisdom from our elders or even as Truth have been drilled into our subconscious minds: It’s not safe to be different; you can’t make money as an artist; following your unique vision is selfish and destructive; you’re living in a fantasy world; your refusal to conform is hurting me…

“Who do you think you are?!” they all said. And what they meant was, “You’d better step down off your high horse, Missy, and stop all that thinking you’re better than everyone else!”

What they meant was, “I’m going to bully and shame you into doing what I expect of you because your integrity is threatening to me. The harder you try, the more ashamed I feel of my own fear and laziness. And I can’t stand that. So stop it. Stop it now.”

We could be heroes. But not if we refuse to come out of hiding. Not if we keep mush-mouthing our elevator pitches. “What do I do? Well, you know, it’s kind of a bunch of different things…I mean, if you want to try it I’ll be glad to give you a session and see if it helps any.”

Fuck that, man. You’re a healer. You’re a conduit for life energy to flow through. As long as your intention is pure, they’re going to get their money’s worth just from being in your presence for an hour. Even if you don’t use any of the techniques you’ve learned in the dozens of workshops you attended!

Look, I’m not the greatest singer or the greatest songwriter or the greatest guitar player in the world. But I’m passably good at all three. And when you put that goodness together with my heartfelt belief that each of us is entitled to a better, more joyful life? And with my unique ability to communicate that belief to each person who comes to see me play? That’s my unique greatness.

And of course I have to fight off the parasitic stories about how I’m not good enough and I shouldn’t and I can’t. Every single time I get up to play I have to fight to remember that inviting people to partake in the gift of song is not egotism. The ego is what is telling me I need to hide; the soul and spirit are what encourage me to let the Light shine through.

What’s your secret greatness? Are you willing to share?

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