Book of Spells: Who Do You Think You Are?

We Could be Heroes

What if?

What if one day you just decided to be who you’ve always dreamed you could be? The real you. What if you could see so clearly that the cardboard cut-out version of yourself you’ve spent much of your life trying to live down to is really a fiction, a slanted version of the truth?

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Of course you’re familiar with the Hero’s Journey, the “universal story” discovered by mythographer Joseph Campbell.

Campbell believed the Hero’s Journey myth is an archetypal fact of our reality on Earth. Which is why versions of it can be found in virtually every human society. Campbell believed we are all on our own personal heroic journey through life.

On this great adventure, we each must answer the call of our soul’s purpose, survive the descent into the underworld and endure the dark night of the soul. Even after we’ve enlisted the help of the wise guide and earned the gift of power, we must still decide to return to everyday life and share our wisdom with the world.

When we look at our life as an epic adventure, it seems obvious we need a capable heroine (or hero!) – one who is up to the task. But who among us emerged from childhood and our school years with an intact inner hero?

In Chapter One of the Book of Spells, we explored the “troll voices” and parasitic programs that we inherited from parents, family and ancestors. The voices in our heads, fear and shame patterns in our emotions and our body that control us from the unconscious.

In this exciting new six-week webinar series, we will ask ourselves the question that has been used to shame millions of souls into into silence. This simple black magic spell was often spoken verbatim. But it was just as often communicated through sneering contempt, dismissive tones, mockery and ridicule. If not outright abuse or abandonment. The question being:

“Who do you think you are?!”

owning your uniquenessWell, guess what? It’s time to finally step up and answer that question!

But this time? We’re going to ask ourselves in the most playful, imaginative, tender, fierce, and sincere ways we can muster.

We’re going to suspend disbelief and allow ourselves to wonder: What if? What if the real me is so much more powerful, resourceful, graceful and daring than the persona I developed in childhood in order to get some love and approval from the people who had the power then?

Narratives & Narrators

embodying your highest selfEvery great story needs a great character. In Who Do You Think You Are? you are going to explore the main character in the story of your life. Does she possess the skills, the moxie, the courage, and the attitude you need to successfully navigate your own hero’s journey?

You’ll identify and revoke the soul contracts you made when you were too young to know better or too weak to choose a better option. You’ll create a clear and vibrant and compelling picture of who you really are. And then you’ll get to play with methods of bringing your own heroic attributes back into your conscious experience of yourself!

Can you imagine, one day soon, knowing that the main character in your life story not only has what it takes to survive but also the stuff to allow you to thrive? Imagine knowing that everything you’ve experienced up to this point in life has led up to this moment. The moment when you reclaimed your inner authority, courageously answered your soul’s calling, and embarked on your path of destiny, knowing that you have the resources you need to complete your hero’s journey.

Are you ready to activate your inner hero? That unified self that will inspire others to dare greatly, to believe greatly, and to leave the world at least a little better than you found it?

Join us for The Book of Spells – Who Do You Think You Are?

Webinar Dates & Details

the quest for the true self

Registration for the live webinar is closed. This class will be available as an on-demand video course after the live webinar series has completed.

The Book of Spells – Who Do You Think You Are? webinar series begins at 3 pm Eastern time (USA – New York) on Sunday, March 25, 2018.

Live classes will be held every Sunday through the end of April.

If your heart is beating with anticipation but you worry you won’t be able to make all of the live classes…Fear not, brave adventurer:

All classes will be recorded and available for streaming or download in both video and audio format.


Safiya and I have written several blog posts explaining what we’ll be doing and why it matters.

Here’s what you get when you join our band of merry mayhem-makers:

  • Six live video classes, course notes and exercises, and links to additional resources.
  • Perpetual access to all video and audio recordings.
  • Membership in our secret Facebook group where you can build your belief, get inspired by other people’s successes, learn new tricks of the trade, and be seen and validated as your authentic self.
  • Body-based techniques and visualization exercises for snapping yourself quickly out of negative story trances and back into your own authorship/authority.
  • The opportunity to participate in a group ritual to revoke old soul contracts and banish negative self-concepts and limiting beliefs. This is incredibly powerful and is only available as part of the live webinar group package.

Topics We’ll Cover

  • Self-concept, self-image, and self-esteem: Who are you, really?
  • Why society/the Matrix/the consensus reality needed to make you small.
  • Control mechanisms: the societal constructs that reinforce your belief in the false, limited self:
    • Gender roles
    • Racial roles
    • Money, status, and success
    • Relationships: family, partnership, peers
    • Work
    • Religion and morality
  • Your shadow side. We instinctively tend to think of the shadow as bad and dangerous. In fact, it is where most of our power and many of our gifts were banished.
  • Soul contracts. These are internal vows we make in times of intense stress  that become unbreakable rules of conduct – until we consciously revoke them.
  • The narrator: Who is telling your story? Can you trust the voice that tells you what you are allowed to do and how you should feel and what you should or shouldn’t say? Or is it time to experiment with a new storyteller, one who really loves you and plans for you to succeed?


About Us

DK Brainard Safiya
DK Brainard is an astrologer, writer, and musician who uses music, rhythm, humor, hypnosis, and storytelling to help people reclaim their inner authority and rewrite their life story.

“I think my biggest gift is my ability to take people into sacred space and give them the experience of being seen and completely validated for exactly who they are,” DK says. “Also, I’m kind – and a lot of people think I’m kinda funny.”

It was Safiya’s life-long fascination with language that led her from studies in music, French (BA) and Linguistics (MA) to her current exploration of the language of the body through movement and dance.

She has performed and taught women’s dances of the Middle East for many years. She is also a Pilates instructor with extensive additional training including Yoshida Dynamic Technique, MELT, Reiki (2nd Degree), Yoga, Flamenco, and Balkan folk dance.