Ego Trouble: It’s Not What You Think

[Why your bodaciousness is called for now]

DK Brainard driving

The Naked Songwriter Podcast – Episode #21

What the Virgo Full Moon opposition Neptune and Jupiter Retrograde have to say about your ego. Which isn’t what you thought it was. Plus – the USA’s natal chart: more secrets revealed, and why it’s so important not to play small now.

Here’s the excerpt from my newsletter about claiming your greatness.

Here’s a video of us writing a song based on audience suggestions in the middle of Red House (public post on my Patreon blog).

Me and Lupo playing my award-winning song “the blue line” on acoustic guitars under the Full Moon on March 1. (Thanks to Natalie Lupo for the great iPhone video!)


4 thoughts on “Ego Trouble: It’s Not What You Think

  1. Teresa Linder says:

    I loved this.
    Thank you for what you said about your 20 years of experience. That really resonated with me. I’ve found my passion- and it’s being in the classroom with the kids again. You helped me realize that I have 25 years of growth and experience as a teacher- and that’s amazing and so valuable. And, I’m back in school, taking an ECE class in college. (Early education class.)
    Thanks DK! You are awesome!

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