Leo Lunar Eclipse: Into the Light of the Soul

Podcast: Leo Super Lunar Eclipse – January 31, 2018

The January 31 Leo Super Lunar Eclipse is conjunct President Trump's progressed Moon and natal Pluto.

The January 31 Leo Super Lunar Eclipse is conjunct President Trump’s progressed Moon and natal Pluto.

The January 31 Total Lunar Eclipse – Super Moon, Blue Moon, Ceres in the News?

The super blood moon total lunar eclipse in Leo happening overnight makes an almost exact conjunction with dwarf planet Ceres – an archetype that astrology has not really assimilated yet. In the podcast, I look at how this eclipse reflects and brings into manifestation the themes of the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse. A major theme of this eclipse is sacrificing our stories about limitation and stepping into our inner divinity. And, the lunar eclipse in the chart of President Trump.

Note: I mentioned two dates I was going to give you and forgot to give you the second date. So here it is: There was an eclipse in the same degree of Leo on January 31, 1999. If you can remember what was happening in your life at that time, you may get some clues about the startling realizations or liberating energies coming into your life now.

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The Venus Cycle…Cosmic Intelligence Agency – has a useful chart showing the phases of the Venus’ synodic cycle

Venus Exterior Conjunction – great astrology writing covering key astrological events in January 2018; also, good explication of the Venus cycle

John Sandbach’s blog – creator of the Omega and Chandra symbols referenced on the pod

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7 thoughts on “Leo Lunar Eclipse: Into the Light of the Soul

  1. Jessica Radcliffe says:

    That was good, thanks.I was sick in bed and mostly asleep and fasting for the first 27 days of this year. I felt like I was being “re-set”, sort of removed,cleaned, and examined and on the 27th I remembered who I am and started ticking again. Still kind of spacey. Leaving for New Orleans tomorrow. Love you.

  2. jj says:

    Your discussion of Trump is really interesting, DK, because he seems to be involved with secret (12th house?) stuff with the military, from what I understand, to reveal the ‘weaponization’ of the Dept of Justice and FBI to undermine the US gov’t and the citizens’ relation to it by the previous administrations (Bush/Clinton/Obama) to move more money up the chain of power – as I understand what I’ve been reading. Icke says the cabal is run by the 3 City States: Vatican/religion, London/financial, and DC/military, and apparently the Military has decided it doesn’t like what’s going on (a serious volume of Satanistic peophilia involved, I am reading) so they are supporting him. It’s a wild read – “God has ordained Trump to save us from Hell” and red-pilling people and selling uranium to Russia and Guantanamo being enlarged. They seem to have found discussion of Trump’s assassination in the FBI emails/texts Mueller has subpoenaed. After hearing about the illegalities that have been perpetrated under our noses by people I had respect for, I have moved from being a liberal Democrat to a person who can only observe any of this – there is nothing else to be done. It has made me SO SURE that my place right now is anchoring my energy here in nature and creating whatever I need to create and that I am only a speck on the sideline of this Good vs Evil Tent Show. I can give you links if you want them – I’m not insane. Everything has changed. Maybe the eclipse hit me a month ago…. :))

  3. jj says:

    P.S. Apparently he was actually asked to take this on by people in previous administrations who had witnessed it all but couldn’t rat on anyone – too complicated and dangerous.

    • DK Brainard says:

      Send me links, for sure. What you described would make sense of the Progressed Moon-natal Pluto conjunction in Trump’s 12th House. And it seems very clear from looking at the astrology that Trump was meant to be president at this time. I’ve shared a little bit of that in YouTube videos, but I think I’m going to find the Trumpstrology class where I looked at the recent Great Conjunction charts with the USA’s chart…it’s eerie.

      Also, I’ve been sensing for months now that the pedophilia stuff is about to bubble over into the mass consciousness in a way that is indisputable. This could be part of the role Ceres plays…

  4. Fran says:

    Astrologer Stephanie Azaria sees Ceres as the Inner Midwife, all about birth
    She calls the periods between eclipses, actually beginning with the New Moon before the first eclipse and the New Moon after the last one, wormholes.
    Here’s her take on Ceres’ presence here:
    “The Divine Feminine is pregnant with her Self, and the wormhole ahead marks the gestation AND the onset of labor that she must go through in order to fully manifest her signature here. Her presence makes it possible to birth the new world. The rest of the winter is all about one warp speed wormhole that will deliver us to the Equinox and the birthing process.”

    • DK Brainard says:

      That is very interesting. Thank you for sharing it. One of the things on my mind the day I recorded the podcast was the women’s movement, #me too, Roe v. Wade, and how Ceres’ being exactly conjunct the Moon at this eclipse might be activating the power of women in society.

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