Aries, Equinox, Libra Full Moon Podcast

The Apothecary of Desire

The Naked Songwriter Podcast #39 – Libra Full Moon March 20 2019

Libra Full Moon astrology podcast 2019 - "The Apothecary of Desire"

The Apothecary of Desire

The new astrological year kicks off with a Libra Full Moon opposition Chiron in Aries. This supermoon happens just hours after the spring equinox with the Sun and Chiron conjunct the Aries Point, where the collective consciousness intersects with our personal awareness. The symbols for the Libra Full Moon are all about finding buried treasure – but the nature of the treasure might just surprise you.

I explore the ongoing Pisces Mercury Retrograde in light of Chiron’s shift from Pisces into Aries. A lot of grief is in the ethers, and a lot of ‘loose cannon’ psychic energy is flying around: sensitives be aware!

Plus, Uranus in Taurus, new music and the potential for instant manifestation. As John Sandbach writes of the degree symbol for the March 20 Libra Full Moon: “Desire and need combined with pure intent can create their own fulfillment spontaneously.”


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