Pisces New Moon & Mercury Retrograde Podcast – March 6, 2019

Lost and Found at the Edge of Infinity

The Naked Songwriter Podcast #38

Pisces New Moon conjunct Neptune, Vesta March 6, 2019 astrology podcast


The March 6 Pisces New Moon conjunct Neptune and Vesta calls us to devotion = experiencing the bliss of being in service to our highest ideals. It also offers abundant potential to manifest new life situations and opportunities to share our gifts with the world in more and more pleasurable ways. And…we have to be willing to feel everything.

Edge of Infinity - new music by DK Brainard

“At the RiverView Motel” – Photo by DK


  • How the March Mercury retrograde (starting in the last degree of the zodiac) can free us from limiting narratives
  • New music
  • Notes on my Chiron return
  • What we can learn from Chiron leaving Pisces
  • Remembering my dad and his favorite saying: “You’re never too old to have a happy childhood”


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