Just Beyond the Monkey Mind

What We Can Learn About Manifesting from the Libra Full Moon and the 2019 Jupiter Retrograde

The Naked Songwriter Podcast #40

Jupiter retrograde 2019 astrology podcast


“How do we overcome the monkey mind?” How do we tune out the collective angst – or the difficult emotions in our relationship – and get back into the flow of abundance and joy?

This question shows up in the degree symbols for the April 19 Libra Full Moon. There’s a lot of planetary change happening with Jupiter stationing retrograde on April 10, Saturn about to go retrograde, and Mercury soon to be joined by Venus  in impulsive, action-oriented Aries.

The answer is found, as usual, just beneath the surface of ordinary awareness. In this podcast, I share some easy-to-use strategies that can help you stay sane and keep creating the life you want even when the whole world around you seems bent on self-destruction.

Plus, acoustic renditions of a Palace Brothers favorite and an original ballad about riding the bus.


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3 thoughts on “Just Beyond the Monkey Mind

  1. Mandy says:

    You are a great writer and how did you know I was mentally wanting an Astrology reeding,or really just going through some confusing stuff,and I hate feeling uncertain and confused.Just a different perspective would help.Thanks for getting back to me,I know you are busy.Thank you again.

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