Embracing Limits

A couple of my favorite producer-teachers have been advocating the use of self-imposed limitations as a way of getting more work completed. It’s a ‘creative hack’ I’ve been ruminating about for a while. Cognitively, I get it – find it attractive, even. But emotionally?

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Songs I Like: I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)

Artist: Stevie Wonder

Album: Talking Book

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Got to thank Lauren, my girlfriend-for-a-minute from Detroit many years ago, for turning me on to this one. Lauren  taught me a lot in a short amount of time. She took me to my very first sweat lodge. And told me, in a 7-Eleven parking lot on the way home, “You’re a blamer.” God, I was so mad at her in that moment. But it didn’t take long to realize she was right. (Usually when I’m really angry about an accusation that has been thrown at me, it’s because there’s a grain of truth underneath the other person’s hurt or anger that my ego doesn’t want to have to acknowledge.) Continue reading

The Detroit Years 1: Guided by Dreams

detroit skyline photo by D.K. Brainard

Between the Dream and the Reality: 9/11, Uranus conjunct Sun, spiritus contra spiritum

On this roller coaster ride
that my emotions have to take me on

– Neil Young, ‘Natural Beauty’

That first line from the last song on Harvest Moon always gets me.  Sometimes my life seems like one epic emotional roller coaster ride. We’re trained by society to believe in control as a positive attribute. Continue reading

[New Song] Short Acoustic Guitar Meditation

Check out this short new meditative guitar piece by D.K. Brainard

Acoustic Guitar Meditation on Four Strings

I sat down to play the guitar for a few minutes to get my energy flowing before recording my October 2015 Audio Horoscopes. I didn’t feel like “playing a song” but making music always opens up my creativity chakra so I just started picking. No destination in mind, no chord progression, just feeling the vibrations of my fingers on the strings and listening to the sounds in the air of my room at night. Continue reading

Ten Year Bender (Album): Down and Out in Paris, France

In 1997 I was living at the epicenter of world fashion in Paris, next door to Hermes.

In 1997 I was living in one of the richest parts of Paris, next door to the Hermes showroom on the rue du faubourg saint honoré. Sounds posh, right? But I was working illegally for this rageaholic Japanese woman who ran an audio-visual import company and, since I was living in the company’s $3500/month corporate apartment, she could pay me whatever she wanted. Which basically I meant I worked all the time and then had to walk a couple miles to a neighboring arrondissement to buy my wine and groceries. Oh, and I was also a pretty bad drunk.  Continue reading