Seedings ii: Live looping guitar

I really like this one, not because it’s perfect – but because it came from a moment of being absolutely in the moment, with full permission to experiment and make mistakes.

Giving ourselves the freedom to make mistakes

That can be a hard place for me to get to. But last week was so rough emotionally. I was stuck in some deep self-worth/fear/shame shit – childhood wounds, family system stuff. The day I recorded this, I was beating the crap out of myself and I suddenly remembered my own credo:

Remember to spend at least a few minutes each day doing what you love.

So I stopped hacking away at whatever item on my to-do list I was currently failing at and fired up Ableton and got my guitar out. I intended to work on a piece I started last summer that has been nagging at me lately. But I started playing in the wrong key. And I set the session tempo to the wrong bpm. Two mistakes right off the bat. But I liked how it sounded, so I kept going and let the music lead me somewhere new and unexplored.

It’s cool when these moments turn into something you actually want to share with your peeps. But even when they don’t, you still feel better for having engaged in your daily creative practice. Because you got out of the monkey mind and back into who you really are, a creative, worthy channel of the Life Force at play in the world.


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