[New Song] Short Acoustic Guitar Meditation

Check out this short new meditative guitar piece by D.K. Brainard

Acoustic Guitar Meditation on Four Strings

I sat down to play the guitar for a few minutes to get my energy flowing before recording my October 2015 Audio Horoscopes. I didn’t feel like “playing a song” but making music always opens up my creativity chakra so I just started picking. No destination in mind, no chord progression, just feeling the vibrations of my fingers on the strings and listening to the sounds in the air of my room at night.

After a few minutes I noticed I had slipped into a very pleasant trance. I was, like, “Man, this is cool. I should record this so I don’t forget it.” It’s not the technically best recording I’ve ever done. My podcasting mic (SM7) was already set up and I was on my monthly horoscopes deadline, so I just adjusted the mic to guitar height, fired up Ableton Live and hit record.

I did one take as a warm up and then one more take. Which sounded pretty good. But it needed a little ‘sumpin’ sumpin” – so I grabbed a pick and just threw down some little harmony bits.

The next morning I overdubbed a couple of spots where I’d wandered too far out of whatever key this is (G/B?).  And cut out the two most distracting flubs in the original fingerpicked part. Threw an instance of SPL’s SoftTube on each track to bring out more of the harmonics. And there you have it.

I had the window open and if you listen, towards the end you can hear the crickets chirping outside.

Free crickets: one of the side benefits of adhering to Rules #1 and # 3 of my personal creative manifesto: Progress, not perfection and Keep it simple – by design or by necessity.  smile emoticon

Hope you like the way it makes you feel.

Listen To ‘Meditation on Four Strings’ on YouTube or SoundCloud

Listen to ‘Meditation on Four Strings’ on YouTube:

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