New Album – Ten Year Bender


Ten Year Bender: Listen, song lyrics, writing and recording the album, song lyrics and more

I’ll upload more songs as I blog about them. You can listen to the song ‘Ten Year Bender’ on SoundCloud or YouTube here.

The Stories Behind the Songs

Follow along as I look back at the creation of a record that documents a watershed moment in this incarnation for yours truly. From Flint, Michigan to Paris, France, through Atlanta, Detroit, and New Orleans. Sheeit – I’ll even take you to Romania! Drunk, Buddhist, sober, blissed out, bombed out…well, just read the posts. You’ll find them on the Behind the Songs page.

Signed CDs and Digital Downloads

You can buy the CD or download it from CD Baby for $9.99 or get it on iTunes for $9.90. Or, support my music-making by sending me $20 in exchange for a signed copy of the record. This is an old-fashioned, hard copy CD, delivered by the postman in a plastic-free eco-wallet made from recycled paper and featuring three original paintings by my old friend (and noted Detroit artist) Kyle M. Stone Illustration….hit the Buy Now button below and I’ll personally mail you one of the brand new CDs. (I’ll even sign the treasure map if you want me to – just let me know.)


Ulysses returned / To find a world in flames / They dance while the cities burn /  They auction off the blame  Image (c) 2002 Kyle M. Stone.

I’m really proud of this record, which was originally recorded in 2002-2003 (!). But it took me a good ten years to be able to see what a wonderful little creation it is. The singing is good, the lyrics are great and, as a musician friend of mine said after hearing one of the 60 original copies I burned myself onto CD-Rs back in 2003:

There’s this Fuel album titled ‘File Under Easy Listening’ – that’s what your record should be called. It’s one of the few records I own that I can just pop it into the CD player and let it play all the way through to the end without ever wanting to turn it off or skip a song.

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