Up-Level Time: Capricorn New Moon

Let’s pull it together – together

Dragon blowing bubbles - found in the bathroom at Kennesaw Pediatric clinic, Kennesaw Georgia

“From the darkness there must come out the light” – Bob Marley

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro” – Hunter S. Thompson

It’s cold out there. Wildfires. Mudslides. Flu epidemics. Record cold temps. Contraction: emotional, physical, economic, spiritual. At last night’s Capricorn New Moon I had the thought, “I should be tuning in to what I want to let go of and thinking about my intentions.” But I felt so beat down and sad, I couldn’t find anything that felt even remotely possible to focus my intention on.

I feel better today, thank goodness. But it has been a rough start to the year. Low energy, my kid has been suffering from the flu for a solid week now. He has barely eaten in days, he has been coughing more frequently and for longer than I can ever remember another human coughing. I feel sorry for him – and yet, we are obviously better off than (fill in the blank) percent of humans in the world at this moment. We have a house to live in, food in the fridge, access to medical care (well, at least he does) and heat to withstand the bitter cold.

I keep getting the message that the dark beginning to this year – much like the relentless beat of bad news and hateful politics – is designed to push us to our breaking point. That place inside where we finally snap and say, “Enough! No more will I buy into the parasitic stories of my powerlessness and unworthiness. No more will I accept that this is all I deserve in Life (or all I’m capable of getting). No more will I accept that it is our destiny to watch our children be poisoned and our world polluted by fearful fanatics, political power-mongers and others who are so full of pain they only want to destroy what is beautiful!”

“Maybe all this is happening to back us into a corner where the only way out is up. What if this is the chance to make the quantum leap we’ve been asking for?”
– DK Brainard

I believe that the astrology of 2018 wants to activate our inner resources so we can expand beyond our comfort zones and leap into a new level of life. I’m doing my part as an artist and my intention (now that I’ve survived the new moon!) is to bring even more beauty into the world this year.

To do that, I need to expand my own resources. One way I can do that is by sharing my gifts with you. Here are some suggestions for how we can help each other go beyond our previous limits and expand into greater service and more joy in 2018. (And if you have other ideas, I’m open to suggestion.)

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Image credit: ?? I haven’t been able to find the name of the artist who painted the mural in the bathroom at Kennesaw Pediactrics. It’s mind-blowingly cool, though. And it was a good reminder that Beauty is always near, if we are open to her.

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