I Dream Too Much – Katie Cokinos Interview

Podcast: Writer & director Katie Cokinos on why it’s never too late to follow your bliss

Eden Brolin and director Katie Cokinos on the set of I Dream Too Much

Eden Brolin and Katie Cokinos on the set of I Dream Too Much.

Writer & director Katie Cokinos interview: why it’s never too late to follow your bliss. Katie began writing what would become her full-length feature film debut, I Dream Too Much,  in her late 40s. Starring Eden Brolin, Danielle Brooks, and Diane Ladd, I Dream Too Much is a coming-of-age drama that invokes the spirit of Jane Austen and climaxes with a poetry reading at a small-town festival.

Cokinos’ female-centric film eschews romantic comedy tropes (lonely heroine is rescued by destiny in the form of a hot guy who also turns out to have a heart of gold). Instead, the film invites us into a meditation on dreams, beauty, family, snow, and the saving power of art.

In our interview, Katie opens up about committing to her own dreams in midlife, balancing motherhood with her need for a daily creative practice, women in movies, and finding inspiration in unexpected places.

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Trailer: I Dream Too Much

You can stream I Dream Too Much on Netflix or get it on Amazon or iTunes.

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