Everything Is Perfectly Fine In This Moment

Wind from the East: 2017 astrology podcast


Abandon Ignorance card - Kate*Star tarot

From Kate*Star’s custom tarot deck.

In the new podcast, we unveil the degree┬ásymbol for the 2017 astrological year. The astrology of Aries and the Emperor – healing the wound of the sacred masculine.

Plus: music that’ll help you get back to here and now, was I levitating? — and why it’s a great time to honor the ancestors.

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3 thoughts on “Everything Is Perfectly Fine In This Moment

  1. Caroline Lemmond says:

    YES ! … wish I had good head phones :-p … great VOICE and message <3

    Thanks for keeping it real and being with US during these hard times…. you make me laugh cuz you just jump in and say IT !

    Many thanks.

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