How Donald Trump Is Unwittingly Inspiring an American Renaissance

And How We Could Make 2017 The Best Year Ever

Three reasons (plus bonus reason) the Trump presidency is poised to ignite an American Renaissance – and why 2017 can be the best year we’ve seen in a long while.

1. Creativity!

Raffaello Sanzio - Venus and Psyche - WGA18855As I (along with several more famous futurists) have been saying for the last couple years, we are in the first days of a new world epoch – a renaissance of human society comparable to the great flowering of  European culture that started in Florence in the 1400s.

Quick: who do you think of when you think of “The Renaissance”?

Leonardo daVinci? Michelangelo? Dante?

The artists, right? A healthy, vibrant society needs art and artists. Art lifts us out of the reptilian brain and the monkey mind and inspires us to do more than just survive or “make it through”. It inspires us to live.

As humans, each of us has creative potential. I believe we need to express our creativity in order to live a truly fulfilling life. Expressing our feelings and ideas through making unnecessary things is essentially what makes us human.

The great American mystic Edgar Cayce said our creativity is what brings us closest to the Divine. Or as Liz Gilbert puts it in her luminous book Big Magic: “An abiding stereotype of creativity is that it turns people crazy. I disagree: Not expressing creativity turns people crazy.”

Gilbert points out that when we are in the flow of creating we are momentarily free of negative self-consciousness – brooding over our lot in life, ruminating on our perceived failures or the injustice we suffer in our job, family or relationship. In other words: when we are not living creatively, we are probably living destructively.

By the way, I should point out that I’m not anti-Trump; I’m pro human.

Donald Trump is – like it or not – a projection of our collective shadow. Donald Trump (I could name several recent former presidents as well) is what we get when we abdicate our humanity and succumb to the (admittedly relentless) programming designed to transform us from creators into consumers.

How do we dispel the shadow? By turning on the light.

That means turning off the news and disconnecting from the negative programs and people who want to convince us the sky is falling and we are powerless to stop it – so there’s really nothing to be done but join them in there swamp of entitled misery.

We turn on the light by doing what we enjoy. Whether that’s painting or singing or writing or refinishing the dresser in the bedroom or cooking a delicious organic dinner for your family, do it! Do it as an act of defiance, as a statement of revolutionary intent.

When enough of us start doing more of what we love every day, start following our bliss and stop trying to please those ancient voices of judgment and duty and condemnation in our heads…  Trump and all the other bogey-men and women will magically disappear. Because we won’t need them anymore.¹

2. Cause!

“In the fury of the hour anger can be power if you know that you can use it.” – The Clash, Clampdown

Most of us tend to be rather lazy when it comes to our civic duty as a supposedly self-governing people. It’s just human nature, I guess. We need a cause to get us roused into action.

Look, I think Donald Trump is an odious human being. Having grown up in a family of narcissists, I know one when I see one. Donald Trump’s views on women, black people, otherly-colored people, Mexicans, Swedes, immigrants,  and really the entire rest of the world are ignorant, mean-spirited, and just plain trash.

But he’s poking the bear. He can’t stop himself. He’s awakening the sleeping giant that is our collective will! Hillary was not going to do that. Let’s be honest: most of us socially liberal peace-loving artist and healer types would still be exhaling a long collective sigh of relief had Hillary won the election.Three years down the road, when nothing much had changed, we’d be telling ourselves, well, give her a little more time…

With President Trump? Nap time is fucking over, y’all!

I don’t watch the news so I depend on my tribe to keep me informed of what’s happening. When I got onto Facebook the night after the January Women’s Marches and saw photos of the hundreds of thousands of women (and the men who love them) who took to the streets in Washington, New York, Los Angeles, and around the country I got fired up!

I haven’t felt that kind of buzz on a coast-to-coast basis since the Iraq War, back when I volunteered for Dennis Kucinich’s presidential campaign and bopped through the streets of San Francisco in a giant queer dance party dressed up as an anti-war protest march.

Go ahead and get angry, but be smart enough not to waste your anger on the Republicans or the Democrats or white people or whatever other target your favorite media stream is pushing at you. Use the anger to get moving! Do something you enjoy. Connect with likeminded people. Put good energy into the world!

3. Community!

New York City Women's March - 2016

2017 NYC Women’s March – photo by Robbie Chafitz

We need each other. We’re social animals. But – especially in the age of Amazon, Netflix, and social media – it’s easy to isolate ourselves.

I enjoy my solitude. Many of you probably lean toward the hermit side of things as well. My patrons and I have started meeting every couple weeks to do a video hangout because we find it incredibly reaffirming and uplifting to be seen and heard by the people who get us -and who are grounded enough to hold space for us to discuss our creative process, our hopes and dreams, our fears and doubts.

It’s so vital to be reminded that your dreams do matter and that your weaknesses and failures – plus your willingness to keep trying again and again – are part of what makes you so uniquely lovable.

I’ve been saying since 2012 that now is the time when we need to find our soul tribes and connect with them. Some of us are warriors. Some of us are communicators. Some of us are artists. Some of us are ambassadors of new forms of relationships.

Trump is working overtime to bring these tribes together. He can’t open his mouth without blurting out some statement that inadvertently serves as a call to one or more tribes to come together. Whether you’re in the “Don’t dump coal in the rivers” tribe, or the “I’m for protecting endangered species” tribe or the “I happen to like Mexico and Mexicans and I think giant cement walls are ugly and expensive” tribe, the President just stamped your invite to the next tribal get-together.

He’s going to keep offending smart, creative people who envision a world where we can live in harmony with one another and with Nature. And as more and more people (including, as Reinvent CEO Pete Leyden points out in this excellent article on the political similarities between today and the late 1930s, lots of mainstream Republicans) wake up to realize it’s time for we the people to take our power back, the umbrella will just get bigger.

(4.) Comedy!

Last but not least, Trump is reviving political comedy! I mean, Saturday Night Live is relevant again. The odds on that happening had to have been at least as long as the odds of Donald Trump being elected president.

When it comes to politics, we’ve been trudging through a comedy desert for the past eight years. Whatever his merits as a U.S. President, Barack Obama singularly failed to inspire in the way that George W. Bush or Bill Clinton did. America’s funny men and women must feel like they’ve just won the lotto.

A president who is congenitally incapable of ramming his foot into his mouth over and over again? And he tweets?!

You’ve gotta be kidding me.

1 Trump may be a bad guy. He says a lot of nasty things. Having studied his chart with my astrology students last fall, I don’t think he actually thinks much about anything he says. He blurts. He’s a chronic blurter. But Trump and his henchmen are not the real evil and hating Trump does not make the world a better place. It feeds the real bad guys who are not, in fact human (therefore, probably not really “guys” either).

The real bad guys are an energetic organism the Toltec shamans call “the Parasite” – an alien entity that has colonized humanity for many, many centuries and that feeds off of human suffering. We are all infected with the Parasite, but the energy of the dawning Creative Age or Renaissance that started in 2015 is basically pushing us towards a gigantic collective purge of this entity.

I’ve seen this thing up close and personal and it is nasty. And many of the people we identify as those running the show on Planet Earth – the politicians, big bankers, pharmaceutical drug pushers and industrial warlords – are completely taken over by these parasitical entities. If you come from a Christian perspective, think demonic possession to an almost unimaginable degree. This is why these people are capable of committing such incredible crimes against humanity and individual humans with no sense of remorse. They are no longer really humans themselves, more like hollowed out host organisms for the Parasite – which is not human and does not care about anything human except as a food source.

If you’re curious, read The Voice of Knowledge by Don Miguel Ruiz or any of Carlos Castaneda’s books starting with Journey to Ixtlan or Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now or A New Earth.

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  1. Lara B. says:

    Yes! So true. Bang on as always DK 🙂 Thank you! Sending you and your tribe love and good wishes from New Zealand. Together we are strong because we come from LOVE not fear. Lara

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