The Healing Power of Imagination: Pisces Full Moon Edition

The Naked Songwriter Podcast – Episode #30

The feelings and mental images you choose to focus on this weekend can have far-reaching implications for your future reality. Imagination can heal your life. It can heal the world. But there’s a problem with our imagination.

Imagining beauty - Hermits international retreat Vermont 2018

Find out how the rare aspect pattern happening at the Pisces Full Moon on August 26 is supporting us in creating the world we desire. And what you need to do in order to access this expanded possibility.

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Mercury Retrograde Is Over (Now What?!) – My post on the Pisces Full Moon, Mars stationing direct and why you may still be feeling crazed in late August and early September.

Here are the card descriptions from my reading of the Blake Tarot:

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3 thoughts on “The Healing Power of Imagination: Pisces Full Moon Edition

  1. jj says:

    While you 4 were starting up the embodied painting, I was in the stream hoping the ‘”squid, polypus of death…that vegetates beneath the deep,” symbolizing the evils of human society, whose tentacles reach into every man’s life, bringing doubt and despair’ was going to wash away. Seriously – I ran out of the house looking for K8* to rid me of this creature – these tentacles reaching into my insides! Wow, this is wild. Then in your recording you said “I don’t want that” and you are repeating exactly what I cried out when the chipmunk invaded the house. Definitely unconscious healing for all of us that week….. This was fun to listen to, thank you – hearing how you experienced it all, along with Wisdom For The Ages. :))

    • DK Brainard says:

      JJ – Your healing journey was so inspiring. Not just in Vermont but throughout this year. Your story is one amazing experience from the retreat that would inspire many other women, I believe. When it is ready to be told, of course. It takes courage, commitment, patience and community to wash away the slime left by the tentacles of those nasty entities. Not just from our personal history with them but what we have absorbed and inherited from our parents and ancestors as well. From my perspective, even your physical appearance evolved over the course of our time in Vermont. To think we are some of the pioneers of this world age still learning how to clear all that old yuck through self-experimentation…what a gift not only to ourselves and one another but to the generations who follow behind us.

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