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online astrology class 2017 DK Brainard

Learn Astrology with DK

Reading Your Horoscope for Fun and Profit

Use your favorite horoscope columns to learn how transits (current astrology) affect you. This is an intermediate level class. If you have a basic grasp of the planets, houses and aspects, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can begin decoding your favorite horoscope columns to understand how they apply to you personally based on your natal chart.

Learn Astrology Level 1 – Foundations of Astrology: Understanding Your Birth Chart

This course is currently only available in beta form as a self-study package. See the syllabus and course details here. I plan to offer this class again as an online interactive experience starting in September. 

Includes nine sequential lessons covering the building blocks of astrology: signs, planets, houses, aspects, elements, modes and rulerships. Comes with a video library and extensive workbook packed with theory, DK’s astrology secrets, practice exercises and links to further resources.

Learn the core concepts of astrology step by step and develop your chart interpretation skills by practicing on the chart that matters most: your chart.