Under the Pressure You Learn to Have a Life

Aries Full Moon Playlist

See my post on the Aries Full Moon and what’s going down in the world.

Heading for the Top Now (Mashup)

We should be heading for the top now
We’ve had a hundred thousand years
Under the pressure is where we are
Somewhere, somehow, somebody must have kicked you around some
I hope you get everything you need
Working for the clampdown
In the land of the brave and the home of the free
Working for the clampdown 

Give me your hungry, your tired your poor I’ll piss on ’em
that’s what the Statue of Bigotry says
Your poor huddled masses, let’s club ’em to death
Get it over with and just dump ’em on the boulevard

You were raised on a promise
Instead we’re wasted all the time
We’re too weak to stand and too meek to stray
And we stare straight into nothing
But we call it all the same
And in our haste to find a little more from life
We didn’t notice that we’d died

And there’s a thousand ways to cry
Found that over time
Better come around to the new way
You start wearing blue and brown
You’re working for the clampdown
You got what you wanted and you lost what you had

We watch the world from a padded cell
It’s the best years of your life they want to steal
They were more than voracious, they sucked our ambition
You see yourself, wonder why you can’t seem to move
Hidin’ in the back, loosening my grip
I’m just wading in the water
Just trying not to crack, under the pressure

Tell me why you would lay there and revel in your abandon
No man born with a living soul
Can be working for the clampdown
Let fury have the hour, anger can be power
D’you know that you can use it?
You can’t hold our tongues at the top of our lungs
You don’t have to live like a refugee

You learn to
You learn to
You learn to
Have a life

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