Video: The Astrology of 2015 & Beyond

My talk in Stowe, Vermont started a half hour after Mercury’s exact direct station on June 11. I was curious about what I would say. Not only because I seemed to have ‘verbal dyslexia’ during the Mercury Rx, but also because the planets insisted beforehand that I follow the advice of the great Hawaiian healer Dr. Hew Len in preparing for the talk.

When asked by Joe Vitale (his co-author of the book Zero Limits) how to plan a dinner talk they were giving together, Dr. Hew Len replied,¬†“Don’t plan.”

“I never plan,” he said. “I trust Divinity.”

This talk feels like the clearest statement yet that I’ve been able to make regarding the potentials of the New Era we’re stepping into in 2015.

Topics addressed include:

  • the current Chiron-Black Moon Lilith conjunction and its relationship to the key planetary alignments of the 1960s;
  • the patriarchy and the return of the Divine Feminine;
  • the spiritual lessons of the 1960s and how we can build on the work of that pioneering generation to help create the New World;
  • the Aquarian Age;
  • and why it’s so important for each of us to follow our bliss AND connect with those in society who can witness us as our Authentic Selves.

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