Personal Mastery Coaching 2022

It Really Feels Like Now or Never

This could be the greatest moment ever known in the annals of the realm. If you show up for it.

This could be the triumph of Beauty and Truth and Good over the armies of ignorance and fear and self-hatred. If you show up for it.

This could be the moment when you take back your inner authority and rediscover the spirit of adventure and wild imagination and fierce play that is the essence of who you really are. 

I’m not talking about grim duty and sacrifice. In this spiritual world war we are all going to have to let go of people and situations that can’t or won’t align with the higher vibration of the new world that is being birthed. 

I’m talking about getting down to the bare bones, the essence of who you are — the eternal part of you that volunteered to come to Earth one more time so you could participate in the planetary great awakening we are living at this very moment. 

Reconnecting with your “I AM” self  and living in alignment with the wise, courageous, loving, eternal you that exists both within and beyond material reality is the only way to create true security. (Deep down you know this to be true, as it always has been, regardless of all of the hypnotic fantasies about love, money, power and status we’ve been blasted with over the years.)

Showing up for yourself — for your soul’s joy — is the only way we can heal the world. In a holographic reality, it cannot be otherwise.

But, as we head into the USA’s first-ever Pluto return this year and Pluto’s entry into Aquarius for the first time since 1778 next year, we are being bombarded by hypnotic images crafted to sow the seeds of fear in the subconscious mind. We are being peppered by psychotic propaganda in the media that is repeated verbatim by family members and so-called friends. Many are being threatened by not only “authority figures” but by these same family and friends, either overtly or through insinuation. And we are all being attacked by thought forms and entities summoned  through the unholy union of dark occult rituals and information technology.

The Personal Mastery Framework

My personal mastery coaching program developed out of my own research and self-experimentation over many years. At first I was just trying to find enough meaning and purpose to overcome the addiction, depression,  fatigue, low self-esteem, and existential despair that had dogged me my entire adult life.

Later, with the help of a couple dozen exceedingly brave astrology clients, I was able to develop tools and practices that anyone can use to develop personal power, reclaim their natural authority, and find meaning, freedom, and joy in life.

Tools That Are Specific To You

As the name says, much of what you’ll develop in working with me will be personal to you. If I’ve learned anything in fifteen years as a practicing astrologer, it’s that each person really is unique. I’ve become skilled at identifying how people learn best, at navigating around egoic blind spots, and at identifying which sense modality patterns a person’s brain uses to construct their representation of the world. I’m also an energy feeler, so I can feel where emotions and other trauma energies have gotten stuck in a person’s body.

Many manifestation and mind training programs are developed from the point of view of the author but work against our natural ways of perceiving and representing the world. Telling a Gemini Sun with an Aries Moon and Sagittarius rising to sit and meditate for an hour each day until they’ve quieted their thoughts might eventually help that person. But at what cost? Especially when they can already achieve that same state of inner calm and spiritual receptivity doing their own made-up version of ecstatic trance dance every morning?

If your internal visual representation system was shut down in early childhood because of abuse you witnessed, I’m not going to push you to visualize yourself with your ideal life partner. But if you have a strong kinesthetic ability to feel pleasure, I may invite you to notice how good it feels to be walking barefoot on the wet sand at the water’s edge, feeling your fingers intertwined with the fingers of your love, and noticing the warm energy radiating through your heart chakra, filling up your body with love and gratitude…And you can feel that now…allowing those good feelings to just…

Foundations of Personal Mastery

While we will tailor practices and tools to work with your unique blueprint, there are foundational perspectives and practices that are universal and that must be mastered in some way in order to truly live your best life. Here are a few key ones we work with:

We each have a soul mission. This can be discerned from the natal horoscope and by other means. We experience the most joy and fulfillment in life when we are living in alignment with our soul’s purpose.

We have all been traumatized. Part of the price of admission to this realm is that we agree to be wounded. We are all wounded as children and much of the process of awakening has to do with identifying these wounds and learning to heal them.

Reclaiming the essential Self is the master key to healing. We know who we are and what we desire to create and experience in this lifetime. But one of the ways we survive the implanting of core shame or toxic shame that is a hallmark of modern societies is by creating a false self. Most people live their lives in the false self — hence the state of the world today. 

Reclaiming our right to personal mastery evokes resistance. Much of the resistance that keeps us trapped in these negative states is generated internally by the toxic shame that has become part of our self-image. It shows up in the form of negative thoughts, images of failure and lack, and negative feeling states — both emotional and physical.

We need energy, imagination and will to fulfill our potential and succeed in our soul mission. The only way to access this trinity of conscious creation resources is by clearing the toxic shame and healing the associated trauma.

In order to sustain the work of really healing trauma and clearing toxic shame, we need inspiration, courage, and faith. This is the “ra-ra” part of soul mastery coaching. One of my gifts is that I can see or feel, in sacred space, what your soul truly desires. Once I get the vibe of “essential you” it’s easy for me to hold that vision and help you believe that your manifesting that vision is only a matter of time and putting in the effort. 

Personal Mastery Coaching Opportunities in 2022

It has been a few years since I was in a place in my personal life to offer these personal mastery coaching intensives. Starting in January, I’m opening up the time to work with six new personal mastery coaching clients.

I don’t discriminate according to race, gender, vaccine status or other identity politics bullsh*t. But I’m only willing to work with people who are serious and willing to go all in on themselves and their dreams. If this is you, please check out the Personal Mastery Coaching Program here and then contact me to set up an interview.