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This promotion has ended, but first-time clients can still
save $25 off the normal price of a full Personal Evolution Reading in December.

Things are happening fast.Saturn (authority, fear, structure, success) and Mercury (ideas, insight, mental perspectives) align with the Galactic Center today. Mercury retrogrades on Dec. 2 conjunct the G.C., and the Sun activates this ‘Great Central Sun’ of our galaxy on Dec. 18. (see today’s chart below)

On December 19, Saturn enters his home sign of Capricorn for a three-year stay. Historically, this has been a “best of times, worst of times” kind of transit. The world is going to continue to act crazy in 2018 as the evolutionary pressure increases. The parasitic forces of fear will continue to ratchet up the general anxiety – as long as we continue to buy into their mind control scheme and play their anti-life game.

And… for those of us who choose to fully invest our faith, energy and vision into the truth – that we are sparks of the divine creation whose birthright is to be free and to live in joy – this period will bring opportunities to experience a whole new level of reality.

Let me help you take your inner game to the next level. Because aligning with your soul’s purpose and living a radiant, joyful life is the fastest way to make the world a better place for all of us.

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Chart: Saturn and Mercury conjunct the Galactic Center

Transits Nov. 26, 2017 – Atlanta GA

Saturn Mercury conjunct Galactic Center

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