Detox the Negative Voices in Your Head

Fake News Alert!

say NO to inner critic

Just say “NO!” to the stories that shame you and crush your joy.

You know that voice in your head that tells you that you aren’t (fill in the blank): good enough, smart enough, cute enough… or just plain enough!?

The voice that tells you that your dreams will never come true, you’ll never meet your soul mate, you’ll never overcome that health challenge, never be able to find your ideal job, or make money doing what you love?


You’re being trolled

Can you just imagine the things you could do (and have) if you were free from the control of that inner critical voice? I wonder how it would change your life if you knew the truth about that negative inner voice in your head. Because the truth is:

That’s not your voice!

Nope, not you. Fake news. You’re being trolled!

The voices that disguise themselves as your critical, judgmental thoughts are so subtle you often don’t even hear them. But they’re working away in the background, fabricating any number of excuses, half-truths, and flat-out lies. All of which are served up in a steaming sauce of soul-crushing shame every time you want to move out of your comfort zone, take a chance on something new, or follow your bliss.

It’s a tricky customer, that troll voice, so tricky that it sounds like YOU. But it’s really not. We’ve been taking a good hard look at this troll voice and the stories that it spews and we’ve noticed a few things:

The troll is like a bully that feeds itself on your fear. It’s a nasty troll that gloats every time you start to cross the bridge to the life you really want – and then turn and run back to where you started. It’s like a parasite that feeds off its host (you) and gives nothing in return.

It’s not your voice. It’s actually a conglomeration of energies glommed together from parents and family members, societal norms and pressures, re-interpretations of past traumas that may or may not be true, old prejudices and outdated information passed down from generation to generation and somehow left to you to make sense of.

Just like a troll or a bully, the inner troll voice loses its power when we confront it. Just like a physical parasite, it dies away if we cut off its supply of nutrients.

We can detox these troll voices and rid ourselves of their noxious presence. How? By doing the same thing we’d do with a physical parasite – detoxing the negative and nourishing the positive in ourselves

We invite you to join us in a defiant detox, the first chapter in our new webinar series The Book of Spells. We will fearlessly examine the trolls’ false narratives, categorically reject them, and rewrite our own narrative that corresponds to who we really are.

Reclaim your inner authority

Take our workshop and learn how to starve the beast, regain your inner authority, and reclaim your power as you detox the negative voices in your head:

  1. Learn to recognize the troll voices and separate your true voice from the false narratives. This is not easy but it will change your life.
  2. Log the false narratives and bring them into the light of your awareness. Sunlight is the best disinfectant!
  3. Do a rewrite. Once the detox is complete, the fun starts! Write your manifesto! Your Leaves of Grass! Your business plan for a healthy prosperous and fulfilling life! Your Hitchhikers Guide to Your Inner Galaxy! Think about and commit to what your true self wants and needs.  Make contact with your Muse.

The battle isn’t over…you’re in recovery now. It’s a lifelong process – but before you say “ugh!” – remember that life is a lifelong process! Eating healthy, moving, spending quiet time with yourself and your besties, being creative, being fierce, being brave…it’s what happy, successful humans have to do to thrive.

The trolls will probably always be there under the bridge, trying to intimidate you into running away and hiding.

But you will cross that bridge now, because you’re onto their game. And you know you have the tools and the talent to blast those lying bullies out of your way. Plus a supportive community of intrepid adventurers who’ve got your back and who won’t let you get sucked back into those old, worn-out stories again.

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