A New Level of Freedom

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Get Yourself Free

Jupiter and Saturn are conspiring to turn dreams into reality this autumn

I know what it feels like to settle.

I know how it feels to wake up and see a life that looks vaguely like “my life” – only smaller and sadder.

I know how it feels to soldier on bravely, doing my best to be a good father to my children and a responsible human – even while feeling like I’m dying inside.

I know how it feels to stop believing in a lifelong dream because you just can’t stand the thought of being disappointed one more time.

I’m not a very patient person by nature. I can get easily frustrated when things don’t go the way I want them to. But I’m also very persistent. And I believe in an orderly Universe. I believe in a Universe where God wants us to manifest our hearts’ deepest desires. I don’t believe the Universe wants us to suffer.

And I’ve acted on those beliefs for many years now. Even during periods of despair, when it felt like nothing I did was ever going to amount to what I wanted, I kept up my spiritual practice. I kept reading self-help books. I kept getting sessions with coaches and healers.

And you know what? It took time and practice. But I started getting better and better at identifying and clearing toxic shame. Which enabled me to go beyond mind and return my focus and energy into what I love and want to create more of. Now?

I’m actually living in a reality that looks like the vision boards I made when I was trying to learn “how to manifest.”

I feel so fortunate to be living the life I’ve long dreamed of. I feel so blessed to have a partner who holds space for my dreams and who is secure enough in her own spirituality and selfhood to support me in realizing them.

Tatiana and I believe you can heal anything and create anything, as long as your desire is truly aligned with your soul (not what you think you should create because that’s what you’re supposed to do/want/become).

We are all creators. Reality is incredibly fluid. We can recreate our lives and the whole world.

The only thing holding us back is the trauma we carry around in our bodies. 

All of the stuff that drags us down, causes disease, and holds us back from our destiny? It’s based in toxic shame, which, by definition is shame that doesn’t belong to us.

The bad news is that most of us still carry so much of this toxic shame. The good news? Once you recognize it for what it is and develop the practice of clearing it, you get your creative power back. Life starts feeling a whole lot better.

You attract the relationships you want and the opportunities you need.

You worry less and sing more.

You may even find yourself breaking into a spontaneous dance in situations that would have once left you hunched up in a ball just wishing you could silence those negative tape loops in your brain.

We believe that it is our human destiny to move into a level of freedom that most humans have never known. We believe Mother Earth and our fellow creatures need us to do this. We also know from experience that the more old trauma and programming we clear from our minds, bodies and souls, the better everything feels.

This is what we want to share with you in our new group coaching journey, Beyond Mind: The Next Generation.

Jupiter and Saturn Direct

With Jupiter (expansion, abundance) and Saturn (structure through time) both back to direct motion in their own signs, the next three months is a powerful window of opportunity to make a quantum leap into your real life. But, as they say in recovery, “It only works if you work it.”

Jupiter and Saturn are offering us the gift of expansion through time. When we harness Jupiter’s optimism and Saturn’s pragmatism we have the confidence to keep on trucking, even when it feels like the chips are down.

The first leg of this journey starts this coming Thursday, September 26 and goes through the Winter Solstice. Spaces are limited. You can enroll here:

Beyond Mind: The Next Generation
Three-Month Group Coaching Journey with DK Brainard & Tatiana Sakurai


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  1. Debbie says:

    I can’t find the link to ask you directly about the Private and VP coaching…or perhaps they are full.I live in Europe so can’t take advantage the live calls, but curious about the other coaching referenced in this post.

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