June and July 2019 Astrology: Profound Healing or Potential Disaster?

Deep Space Activations – the Great Attractor and Galactic Center

If you’re already feeling that familiar eclipse season craziness, you’re not alone. We are being bombarded with high-frequency light information from two of the major Source emanation points in our known cosmos – the Great Attractor at 14 Sagittarius and the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius.

As I mentioned in the last podcast, the June 3 Gemini New Moon happened in close alignment with the Great Attractor and the June 17 Sagittarius Full Moon aligns with the Galactic Center or Great Central Sun.

Sagittarius Full Moon conjunct Galactic Center June 17 2019

Mars and Mercury are opposition Saturn and Pluto at the June 17 Sagittarius Full Moon. This alignment prefigures the July 16 Capricorn lunar eclipse and aligned with the nodes — prefiguring the July 16 lunar eclipse at 24 Capricorn.

These deep space consciousness centers affect us in much the same way as eclipses do. They accelerate evolution, move us forcefully beyond our comfort zones, and activate our internal God-consciousness so that we are no longer able to buy into Matrix-level programming about who we are and what we can/should be doing with our lives.

They also activate us on a physical level. This can manifest as anxiety, nerves, confusion, and sudden-onset healing crises in the body.

Family Shadows: Mercury & Mars Out of Bounds in Cancer

Both Mercury and Mars have been out of bounds (OOB) in the sign of Cancer  as we head into the June 17 Full Moon. Out of bounds planets are considered to have gone beyond the jurisdiction of the Sun, the ruler of the solar system. This doesn’t make them ‘bad’ but it does tend to  give them a certain outlaw / lone wolf quality and push them to act in extreme ways.

Many of us are dealing with intense shaming or anxiety that resonates to the way we were shut down or conditioned in childhood within our family systems. Mercury OOB can help us to see these patterns in a way we’ve never done before, leading to emotional freedom from past conditioning. Or Mercury OOB can cause us to regress mentally as we try to regain a sense of security.

Mars OOB in Cancer can be highly problematic. Mars in Cancer often manifests as repressed anger that spills out in passive-aggressive behavior or sinks into depression and despair. Mars symbolizes the warrior in the psyche and Mars OOB in Cancer can manifest in a ‘circle the wagons and attack anyone who approaches’ kind of vibe.

Creatives, visionaries and those of us who are choosing to ascend into 5D are being attacked for simply choosing to follow our own guidance rather than conforming to the expectations of security-addicted family members or partners. Mars OOB can impart almost superhuman strength to help us overcome these challenges, but we need to be willing to look at how our assertiveness was shut down within the family system in order to access this extra power.

Tatiana Sakurai and I are hosting a series of live video calls to help you clear old shame and belief patterns and support you through the 2019 eclipse season / Mercury retrograde period. Calls start Sunday June 16. Reserve your spot here!

Mercury Rx and the July Eclipses

The good news on all this is that some relief is imminent. Mercury comes back in bounds on June 12 and Mars comes back in bounds on the day of the Sag Full Moon.

But Mercury will be retrograde from July 7-31, stirring the pot at both the Cancer solar eclipse on July 2 and the Capricorn lunar eclipse on July 16. Interestingly, Mercury stations direct less than a quarter of a degree from the degree of the Capricorn lunar eclipse, suggesting that by the time we reach mid-August (and Jupiter returns to direct motion!) we will be seeing ourselves and the challenges of this eclipse season from a more enlightened perspective.

I’ll cover the eclipses in more detail in a future post but I want to let you know that, however challenging things may feel in June and July, this astrology is trying to liberate us from the wounds of the past and free us to live more authentically, creatively and joyfully in the world.

The Omega symbol for the Cancer solar eclipse is “A hidden treasure waits to be found.” And the symbols for the Capricorn lunar eclipse show that a phoenix-like death and rebirth of the soul is on offer.

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