Gemini New Moon June 3 2019

Deep Space

The Naked Songwriter Podcast #42

Spiritual partnership, transforming our core beliefs, moving beyond the control of the egoic mind and into more bliss. How the 2019 Gemini lunar cycle can empower us to change our thoughts and rejuvenate our lives. Including excursions on the June 3 Gemini New Moon opposition the Great Attractor, the June 17 Sagittarius Full Moon conjunct the Galactic Center, Jupiter retrograde, the upcoming eclipse season and more.

On the road to spiritual partnership - Gemini New Moon podcast DK Brainard

Naked = Vulnerable | Vulnerable = True | True = Resonant | Resonant = All-One | All-One = Cosmos


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6 thoughts on “Gemini New Moon June 3 2019

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Thank you so much for this email/podcast DK, so lovely to hear about what you are doing, how you are doing it and your potent continued inspiration. Thank you for your spiritual dedication to yourself, your people and your Own Way of Doing things, it sure is mighty. Good luck in Florida too. love from New Zealand, Gabrielle.

  2. Carrie says:

    This was totally right on for me. Going through a huge life change and am shedding skin that is really bringing up a lot of grief and sorrow for me. I felt guilty for that until I listened to this and remembered that these feelings are here for a purpose. Thank you.

  3. Michele Berghofer says:

    Sending you so much Love & Healing Energies in your newest life adventure!! If you come anywhere close to MI in your travels I would love to meet up. Find your Joy and know you are loved very much by many people…especially me

    PS…I salways Love the sound of your voice

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