Aquarius Solar Eclipse: Emerging Systems Theory February 15 2018

[Podcast] The February 15 solar eclipse 27 Aquarius: Profound Shifts in Perception

Sensory Rain. Drawing by DK.

Sensory Rain. Detail from colored pencil sketch by DK.

The Aquarius solar eclipse falls in the same degree as the USA’s natal Moon. In this podcast, I explain how the ongoing demoralization of the American people will lead to new social paradigms and threaten the relevance of current social networks such as Facebook. Plus, this ‘super’ eclipse makes a friendly aspect to Aquarius’ ruling planet, Uranus, suggesting the potential for radical innovation as well as sudden upheavals.

And I look at systems theory, the Leo-Aquarius shadow polarities, and read from Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet.


In my article on the Aquarius solar eclipse as emotional pressure gauge, I look at some of the degree symbols for the eclipse chart and explore how your emotional state can enable you to break free of conditioned social roles and underperforming relationships.

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