Emotional Pressure Gauge: Aquarius Solar Eclipse February 15 2018

Aquarius Eclpse Extra: How Social Roles and Expectations Impact Emotional Health

En cas d'urgence, inversez la parapluie.

En cas d’urgence, inversez la parapluie.

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I’ve heard from so many empaths and sensitives who are just feeling battered by the energy leading up to today’s eclipse. Make no mistake about it: the parasitic forces in the world are engaging us in full-on psychological warfare.

Although those of us who carefully limit our media consumption (exposure to programming) possess higher immunity than the media-addicted masses, we are not immune to this assault. The mental viruses of hopelessness, despair, shame, and overwhelm are also being passed on by our unwitting friends, family, and coworkers.

In my new podcast, I explain how the ongoing demoralization of the American people is accelerating the emergence of new social paradigms and will threatening the longterm relevance of current social networks such as Facebook – unless they align with more people-centered values.

Thoughts and Emotions

But why all the heavy emotionality? Isn’t Aquarius a mental sign? Yes, but…

Think of a time when you received an unexpected communication. Maybe what was said or written contained good news. Maybe it was bad news. Maybe it wasn’t news at all, but rather a forceful statement of opinion disguised as fact.

When you revisited that moment, how did you feel? How do you feel now going back to that moment?

(If you thought about bad news, please don’t – now – think about yourself relaxing into one of your all-time favorite activities, in one of your favorite places…and definitely don’t think about engaging in this activity with one or more of your favorite people, faces glowing, exchanging meaningful smiles and kind, beautiful words.)

Feel better? Good. The point being, our thoughts and emotions exist in synergistic networks. It’s hard to feel good when threatening or destructive thoughts are occupying your mind.

And it’s hard to think good, creative thoughts when you feel depressed or anxious or angry or full of grief and despair. And yet, within a positive relationship like the one we’re enjoying right now, I can honor your feelings – while also directing you to a thought that generates positive emotions. Whose thought? Your thought.

This is a large part of what I do every day in my coaching and soul work sessions. People get stronger and healthier from our work together because we are putting you back in touch with your own inner resources and validating the good thoughts about yourself that you already possess in abundance. And because when we enter sacred space together, we are remembering ourselves as part of a much bigger and more powerful network of divine energy that wants only the best for you.

Moving Beyond Socially Conditioned Roles

Today’s eclipse squares Jupiter in Scorpio, indicating an imperative to ‘go deep’ into the psychology of any places where you feel stuck, specifically situations that resonate to the Leo-Aquarius polarity of authentic self-expression vs. the need to belong and fit in to society.

The symbols for the degrees activated by this eclipse* point out the importance of understanding how our social conditioning influences the mind. This eclipse can free us from roles and relationships that drag us down and drain us, rather than uplifting and supporting us.

Today’s eclipse happens The February 15 solar eclipse occurred at 27 Aquarius 07, with the Sun and Moon closely conjunct Mercury – planet of thought and communication – at 25 Aquarius 49.

John Sandbach’s Omega symbol for 26 Aquarius is The sound of the ocean kept in a small box. Sandbach’s description is very Jupiter-in-Scorpio. “There are hidden depths to everything that is felt,” he writes. “This degree is aware of that and has the ability to enter the depths of both its own and others’ subconscious, to help get in touch with what needs to be contacted.”

The Chandra symbol for the same degree is: Dragonflies around a stagnant pool. Do you ever feel like the dragonfly? David Carson and Jamie Sams tell us that dragonfly is the messenger of change and transformation who breaks the spell of illusion and reminds us that the world of appearances is never as real as it seems.

Sandbach’s Pleiadian symbol for this degree is: A scientist measuring the mineral levels in a sample of water.

Alchemical Charge

Aquarius is the scientist of the zodiac, of course. Taken to an extreme, Aquarius’ penchant for mental frameworks can attempt to completely bypass the emotional level of reality. Unbalanced Aquarian energy prefers to think about (and try to solve) emotions rather than feeling them. This can manifest in truly destructive phenomena such as the poisoning of the food supply through genetic engineering or the scapegoating (or genocide) of an entire race of people who are determined to be inferior according to some arbitrary benchmark.

Mercury at this degree during the eclipse can empower us to identify the relationships or social roles (conditioned ways of understanding who you are and what you must do) that have become stagnant and are breeding foul and heavy emotions. We can then use the mind to measure how much nourishment (the minerals) we are actually getting from our involvement in these situations.

The Sabian symbol for this degree is: A garage man testing a car’s battery with a hydrometer. Here we see a similar process at work in a set of degree symbols created nearly a century before Sandbach’s symbols.

A hydrometer is a device that you dip into the battery’s electrolyte to test how much charge (power) the battery has. Which is specifically determined by how much sulphuric acid is in the water. Sulfur, alchemically, is the Sun, the active male principle that can generate energy and create motion.

Most hydrometers contain a thermometer, because the temperature of the electrolyte indicates the strength of the battery: the higher the density of sulfuric acid, the hotter the electrolyte. Mercury would have been the key measuring element in the hydrometer’s thermometer in 1925, when the Sabian symbols were created. In alchemy, Mercury represents the Moon, the inner, receptive, feminine aspect of the soul.

The alchemical imagery in this symbol is amazing! Basically, this eclipse seems to be telling us something we all know but that modern society has been constructed to keep us from remembering: that our emotions are vital in keeping us healthy, powered up, and able to create the change and transformation we desire in ourselves and in the world.

About the degree of the eclipse Sun and Moon, Sandbach writes: “This degree is intent on exploring the inner workings of life – to learn what is underneath things.” Which strikes me as very Jupiter in Scorpio. Further, he says, this degree revolts against arbitrary systems and imposed limits that serve no purpose other than to restrict our options: “This is a highly imaginative degree and is at its most powerful when allowed to continually envision alternate ways of doing anything, rather than being pinned down and limited to one way.”

I believe with all of my heart that we are not isolated healers, artists, and empaths struggling to survive the harshness of society. I believe we make up a living system of networks that represent the leading edge of human and planetary evolution. And I believe that if we can just learn to see ourselves as the network – connected, supported, empowered – rather than as these isolated little parts, we can access a tremendous power to transform both our own lives and society at large.

*Eclipses are felt up to a month before and continue to resonate long after the actual physical eclipse.

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