New Redeemer / Tribe of Dreamers

Naked Songwriter Podcast: Aries New Moon, False Flag AlerT, UnFreeze! Matrix mind control program is on full blast. The Aries New Moon, Libra Full Moon, false flags and mass hypnosis…

You are the One the world has been waiting for. Time to fight your way out of the Matrix’s wet paper sack and stand for what you want.

6 thoughts on “New Redeemer / Tribe of Dreamers

  1. Fran Massimino says:

    I think New Redeemer:)
    Thanks for the validation – your Kroger story spoke volumes. It seems like there’s a thin veneer holding down a lot of suppressed collective dread. It’s astonishing to me watching the DC powers that be in the last couple of weeks pretending in such a bizarre way that potus is normal. I know I’m not the first to say this but it truly is like we’re living in the story ‘The Emperor Has No Clothes.”
    But in many ways it’s also strangely validating of our spiritual knowing, I was more afraid the matrix status quo would continue forever than of living thru the upheaval that was gonna have to go down to shift things.
    Anyhow,,,,,just signed up for the epigenetic healing – exciting!

  2. Caroline Lemmond says:

    honestly not feeling either title … feels more like a work in progress — “a journey”, than a “state” per se … but that’s just me ….
    people are rather “brittle” right now …. had a big blow up with a long-time (I thought) friend Friday of this recording …. had to cut bait.

    weird times ….

    thanks for sharing the love…

    • DK Brainard says:

      Hi Caroline!

      Thanks for the title feedback. Definitely strange days – it will be very interesting to see what April brings us. Feels like a wormhole or crack between dimensions has opened and is starting to widen. Break on through…

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