Leo New Moon + Mercury Direct!

Calling All the Angels

The Naked Songwriter Podcast #46

Mercury stations direct today, opposite the July 16 eclipse degree. After the long, deep dive of the 2019 summer eclipse season, the Leo New Moon brings a major renewal of energy and energy of renewal. It’s time to stand together in our power, joy and Authentic Self expression and create the world we want to live in.

Mercury Direct astrology podcast Leo New Moon August 1 2019

We explore the post-eclipse astrological landscape and preview Jupiter’s return to direct motion on August 11. And we rant about the War on Children, invite the good aliens to intervene in Earth affairs, and put the corporate evildoers on notice!


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3 thoughts on “Leo New Moon + Mercury Direct!

  1. su says:

    “be with your tribe during these times”…..i’ve been looking, trying to attract ‘my tribe’ for the longest time…..t’would help so much to have them (or him or her) around me.
    Grateful that you have found ‘the one’ in each other.
    This podcast was so comforting…and your music ‘just right’…i began singing along…
    Thank you so much for being You…..Su

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