Leo Lunar Eclipse Podcast

The Soul Is Here For Its Own Joy

The Naked Songwriter Podcast #37

Leo lunar eclipse astrology podcast DK Brainard

Refrigerator art by Roya Pearl.


Divine Self-Creation & Global Transformation

A grand trine featuring Ceres, Chiron and the Moon at the January 20 total lunar eclipse in Leo foreshadows radical social change in 2019…How you can use the rare double occultation of the Moon on Groundhog Day to clarify your intentions and sow the seeds of love…and not one, not two, not three, but four poems by Sufi masters Hafiz, Kabir, and Rumi (and modern master Mary Oliver).


Here’s the post on Imbolc/Groundhog Day I mention in the pod: Bridgid – Planting the Seeds of Intention

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One thought on “Leo Lunar Eclipse Podcast

  1. Michele says:

    Awesome podcast DK! Sometimes I get lost in the sound & Energy in you voice that I have to go back and re listen because I zoned out and missed what you said. I hope to see you during your road show

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