How Doing What You Love Saves the World

Jupiter Conjunct the Galactic Center

The Naked Songwriter Podcast #54

Dear fellow weirdo:

Your life purpose was never about trying to contort, stuff and cram yourself into one of society’s little boxes.

Doing what you love saves the world

With my beloved by the ocean, rainbows over water, making music with my friends.

You’re an alien.

You’re a galactic adventurer, a starseed, an evolutionary outlier.

You’re a mutant, a freak, a warrior, a savior.

You came here to do your thing as passionately and as fully as possible.

You came here to bring beauty, not to share in the pain of those poor souls who have contracted to stay in the old 3D reality.

Now is the time when it’s really helpful to be clear on this.


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2 thoughts on “How Doing What You Love Saves the World

  1. Tracy says:

    Great message as always DK. Love the song and the vocal harmonies are great! Thanks for creating and sharing. Enjoy your time with the water and the dolphins.
    Peace, Joy and Harmony in abundance to you,

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