Unlock Your Jupiter Potential in 2019 with EFT and Meditation

December 2018 Astrology: Use Mercury Direct to Expand Jupiter’s Good Fortune

fractal JupiterOn this show, Cathryn Taylor and I discuss the key things you need to understand about the December 2018 astrology transits. Plus Cathryn shares a powerful guided meditation to visualize the last twelve years (the previous Jupiter cycle) as a conveyor belt leading to your inevitable prosperity in the new Jupiter cycle.

The show ends with Cathryn leading me through a special EFT (tapping) sequence. You can tap along with me as we accept and integrate the grief, anxiety, and loss that always accompany our evolutionary leaps to higher levels of consciousness.  This is one of the best tapping sequences I’ve ever done with Cathryn – and that’s saying something because this woman is one of the pioneers of the inner child movement and of using tapping to heal the wounded inner child.

Even though we’re a third of the way through December, I really want to encourage you to listen to this show. In fact, I’m holding off on the next Naked Songwriter podcast because I feel Cathryn and I caught lightning in a bottle on this show and I want you to benefit from it!

DK Brainard: Unlocking Your Jupiter Potential – December 2018 Astrology

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