Darkness Must Come Out the Light

Women’s Voices in a Time of Darkness – The Naked Songwriter Podcast #33

DK Brainard podcast, Venus retrograde 2018My friend Tamara Star joins me for a passionate conversation about women’s voices and the fall-out from the recent Supreme Court nomination battle.

I tell the story of my “Brett Kavanaugh moment” and what I learned about toxic shame. We discuss the healing that can happen when women reclaim their voices and tell their stories. Plus, why empaths are waking up afraid or depressed in the morning, the power of ritual, and what happens when we don’t stuff our anger.

“Love will never leave us alone
In the darkness must come out the light
Only the fittest of the fittest shall survive…
Stay alive”

Bob Marley and the Wailers, “Could You Be Loved?”



Talked about on the pod:

2 thoughts on “Darkness Must Come Out the Light

  1. Christianna says:

    Thank-You for this. I am up here in Canada and it’s triggering me eh? 😉 Seriously, I don’t watch the news or anything but I have seen a little on the facebook, and I am experiencing this in my life currently. Last year my 4year old daughter told me about something that happened to her AND her brothers, but “because women have made it up before and he said he didn’t do it” the file was closed. It makes me feel a little powerless as a mother to protect my children. Not to mention the messages my children have received from the whole ordeal, not just the initial abuse but all the stuff that has come after. I just keep focused on understanding and healing my own traumas from my traumatic foundation years and giving my children the most empowering example I can give. I Know that there is something very deep in this that will help us to grow and to thrive and help others too. It Begins Within and I practice what I “preach/teach” and I know it helps to share our stories to help others to feel empowered to share their stories too. I am doing my part in my way too. I am working at it …seeing and embracing my vulnerability as one of my greatest strengths. This helps me a Lot! I really appreciate it! Much Love Big Heart Hugs Thank-You for Being You!

    • DK Brainard says:

      Oh Christianna, I am so glad the podcast was helpful. I am sorry that your children have had to have that experience. And the response – ugh!

      In my fantasy world, Canadians are a slightly more civilized and kinder version of us south of the border types – and nothing like that ever happens in Canada.

      But I know it happens everywhere and it’s inspiring to me to know that you are standing in your soul and doing your work on behalf of yourself and your kids. Because that’s really the only way we end the global War on Children. That and talking about it so that no good people can pretend to themselves that the abuse (whether explicitly sexual or not) isn’t happening. And didn’t happen to them. Many blessings to you and your children!

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