Foundations of Astrology: Understanding Your Birth Chart

Do you look up friends’ or celebrities’ charts on and wish you could filter down all those symbols and lines and just focus on the most important planets?

Whether you’d like a deeper understanding of what your birth chart says about your life’s purpose (or your relationships), or you’re wanting to hone your skills and fill in some knowledge gaps so you can use astrology as a tool to help your clients, this nine-week video course will give you a rock-solid foundation. And you’ll have a lot of fun along the way.

Course Syllabus

Week 1 – Astrology as a Living Language

  • Astrology as the study of unique moments in time
  • The 7 building blocks
  • Introduction to signs, planets and houses
  • What you most definitely should not try to do with astrology!

Week 2 – The Signs as Archetypal Containers

  • The 12 flavors of experience
  • Archetypes for each sign
  • The glyphs and animals for each sign
  • Your first chart interpretation: the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant formula

Week 3 – The Signs, Part 2: The EMO Matrix

  • The 4 elements: qualities of energy
  • The 3 modes: how energy moves
  • The 3 orientations: ways of seeing
  • Who needs a cookbook? Take your EMO matrix, stir in archetypes, add a dash of glyph and animal symbolism and voilà: you’re interpreting charts…

Week 4 – The Planets: The Inner Planets

  • Deeper into archetypes
  • Inner versus Outer planets
  • Inner Planets: Sun – Mars, Jupiter/Saturn
  • What does it mean if my planets are retrograde?!

Week 5 – The Planets: The Outer Planets

  • The evolutionary catalysts
  • Uranus: the Awakener
  • Neptune: the Divine Imagination
  • Pluto & the Underworld Journey
  • Chiron: the Wounded Healer

Week 6 – The Houses

  • The Houses – areas of life experience
  • Rulerships and dispositors: the chain of command
  • How to read your horoscope, part 1 (house cusps and degrees)

Week 7 – Aspects Part 1

  • The aspects – how planets connect
  • The basic aspects: hard vs soft
  • Orbs of influence
  • Applying vs. separating. Which planet controls the meeting?

Week 8 – Aspects Part 2

  • Techniques for identifying aspects
  • Aspect patterns put the focus on – exceptional focus
  • What’s happening now? Introduction to transits
  • The secret key: introducing the alien patterns

Week 9 – Finding the Soul Mission 1: Pluto and the Nodes

  • Interpreting Pluto by sign and house placement
  • The Nodes: Past-life karma and evolutionary path in this lifetime
  • Putting It All Together Part 1 (a formula for interpreting your chart)

Week 10 – Rulerships, Part 1

  • House and sign rulerships are the secret key to truly understanding your chart
  • Traditional ruling planets
  • Sign rulers vs. house rulers
  • Planetary dignity and debility
  • Incorporating rulerships into your interpretation of soul mission in the chart

Week 11 – Rulerships, Part 2

  • Dispositors: the planetary chain of influence
  • Mapping dispositor chains in your chart

Week 12 – Putting It All Together: Chart Prep and Interpretation

  • Chart preparation and interpretation
  • DK’s chart prep starter template