Learn Astrology

The Method to My Madness

2017 Astrology Classes with DK

Have you ever imagined reading your monthly horoscope or your weekly astrology forecast and knowing exactly what the horoscope actually means in relation to your personal chart?

Do you look up friends’ or celebrities’ charts on astro.com and wish you could filter down all those symbols and lines and just focus on the most important planets?

Whether you’d like a deeper understanding of what your birth chart says about your life’s purpose (or your relationships), or you’re wanting to hone your skills and fill in some knowledge gaps so you can use astrology as a tool to help your clients:

The only way to truly learn astrology is to practice.

Think of it like learning to play the guitar. You can read a dozen books on music theory and watch a thousand YouTube instructional videos. But you’ll never be able to play your favorite Iron & Wine song until you start picking up the guitar every day and putting your fingers on the fretboard.

My first goal with all of my courses is that you catch the astrology bug – i.e. you have such a blast learning to interpret your chart that you can’t wait for the next class or lesson.

My focus is on presenting you with enough knowledge to start practicing now – and pointing you to apps, web sites and books that can help you deepen your knowledge as you continue to practice.

In other words, I’m going to teach you how to think about astrology so you can leverage what you already do know about astrology and know how to find the answers to what you don’t understand. We live in this amazing time when you can wonder, “What does Chiron in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius mean?” and have five different viewpoints at your fingertips in about the time it took you to read this sentence. Why not put this unprecedented power of instant information to good use?