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About Me & My Methods

I believe the only way to master the art of astrology is to practice it. And let’s face it, learning a new skill – especially one as complex as astrology – can be frustrating. Being largely self-taught, I understand both the frustration and the exhilaration that comes from applying what you’ve learned and realizing, “You can do this!”

I’ve also found that most astrology students are a lot like I was when I was starting out. We want to know about our own charts. What does having Mars in Cancer in the 7th House mean about my relationships? Is there a way to work with that T-square to Saturn so I’m not always struggling with money?

That’s why all of my courses are designed to teach you what you need to know to become your own astrologer. Although I use celebrity charts in class, the focus is always on presenting the concepts and techniques in a way that enables you to practice them on your chart and the charts of your friends and loved ones.

And it’s got to be fun. If you’re not enjoying the challenge, you’re not gonna practice. And I don’t want you to quit. I’ve benefited so much from learning astrology, I can’t help but want to share the riches of this living language with you.

Think of it like learning to play the guitar. You can read a dozen books on music theory and watch a thousand YouTube instructional videos. But you’ll never be able to play your favorite Iron & Wine song until you start picking up the guitar every day and putting your fingers on the fretboard.

In both the live and recorded classes, I’m going to teach you how to think about astrology so you can leverage the astrological knowledge you already have – and know how to find the answers to the things you don’t know. I’ll share my favorite apps, websites, and books with you; and I’ll tell you what I like and don’t like about the app or the authors’ perspectives on astrology.

We live in this amazing time when it’s possible to get answers to just about any question almost as fast as we can formulate the question. So why not put this unprecedented power of instant information to good use?

Learn Astrology: Self-Paced Astrology Video Courses


Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Learn the core concepts of astrology step by step and develop your chart interpretation skills by practicing on the chart that matters most: your chart.

Includes nine sequential lessons covering the building blocks of astrology: signs, planets, houses, aspects, elements, modes and rulerships. Comes with a video library and extensive workbook packed with theory, DK’s astrology secrets, practice exercises and links to further resources. See the course syllabus and buy it here.


Level: Intermediate

Use your favorite horoscope columns to learn how transits (current astrology) affect you. This is an intermediate level class. If you have a basic grasp of the planets, houses and aspects, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can begin decoding your favorite horoscope columns to understand how they apply to you personally based on your natal chart.

Live & Upcoming Classes

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