Identity to Essence Summit

Identity to Essence Retreat, Vermont, Aug 2-5 2018 | DK Brainard and friends

Reclaim Your Superpowers and Co-Create the New Reality

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Join me and some of my coolest friends this summer for a chilled-out, sensual bonanza of art, music, food, theater, and Nature in scenic Johnson, Vermont!

Vermont summer retreat with DK Brainard, flowers and rolling greenery DK Brainard Vermont retreat summer 2018 - stream in the woods

Our gathering place sits atop a rolling hill in the Vermont countryside. Past the flower garden, the soft grass of the lawn stretches down to the country road below. Just a few yards from the house – and from the big tent where the music and movement and collaborative art happens – a small stream branches through the woods, tracing a mandala of crystal clear waterfalls.

In this relaxed and vibrant Nature setting participants will collaborate in the creation of a unique and entrancing vibrational space “outside of time”. Through the magic of music, storytelling, art, and Nature, you will have a profound individual and collective experience of knowing yourself beyond the limitations of the ego/personality and beyond the constraints of social, gender, and racial roles.

You will:

  • Rediscover and claim the essence of who you are and learn to bring it to any moment, any circumstance.
  • Experience the energy and enthusiasm (God-infusion) that happens when you meet the current, but illusory, world from your superpower/essence place.
  • Experience being seen and validated for all of who you are by a loving community – you will receive the validation and acceptance we all needed as babies and have instinctively been seeking ever since our arrival!
  • Free yourself from the confusion/shame/guilt/doubt that comes from having lived in a paradigm that has not only disempowered us, but was designed to do so.
  • Watch the world change around you as you align with the joy and union of the true Reality that exists beyond the degraded, “matrix-level” reality.
  • Embody the knowing that living from the heart – following your bliss – is the highest spiritual value of the new era of world society.
  • Have the time of your life and never want to leave.